How to Create Kick-Ass Content That Goes Viral!

August 5, 2016
Donna Moores

Quality content can boost your sales within seconds! It can bring traffic to your business and websites in a way that you never thought possible. You’ll see the “hits” of your web pages drastically increasing, and you can heart-warmingly welcome the accompanying benefits that it brings. Being a wordsmith isn’t enough to make your content…


how to create viral contentQuality content can boost your sales within seconds! It can bring traffic to your business and websites in a way that you never thought possible. You’ll see the “hits” of your web pages drastically increasing, and you can heart-warmingly welcome the accompanying benefits that it brings. Being a wordsmith isn’t enough to make your content go viral and neither are online tools that promise to boost your Search Engine Optimization. There’s a lot more to it. You must know how to write content that pushes the right buttons. Content that spreads like wildfire is not only Search Engine Optimized but crafted in a way that is bound to be shared. There’s no black-hat techniques or cheats involved but careful consideration of content writing skills.  Ready for us to reveal the secret of writing kick-ass content that goes viral? You can thank us later!

The top characteristics that enable content to go viral!

Quality content brings with it a generous amount of traffic. Let’s take a look at the top characteristics that will have your content going viral before you know it!

viral content characteristics

    Informative Content:

People want to read content that is useful and engaging. If someone gets something positive out of an article, they are most likely to remember it and share it amongst their followers, friends and family. You need to be an expert in your field and express your views in a manner that helps people relate and understand you. Your content should prove that you have enough knowledge of the topic that you are discussing, only then will it be able to make an impact. On the other hand, content that adds no value to a reader’s knowledge will only sit there and not help with anything. It won’t help boost sales and neither will it promote interactivity.

    Well-Written Content:

There’s no use having useful content that is not well-presented. If you want to make an impact, you must provide well-written and informative content. The content must not only have an excellent presentation and structure, but it should also be consistent. If you are writing important academic content, everything must add up. Try to keep the transition smooth when you explain different aspects of the topic but ultimately refer to the main topic to avoid losing the reader’s focus.


There’s a misconception that negative news has the power to go viral faster than positive news. Just because the news makes headlines with negativity and controversies does not imply that it will work for your content too. People love to read content that is useful and uplifting. It can help get one’s mind off things and is more likely to be promoted. Focus on presenting topics that are trending or relevant to your target audience.

    Emotion-invoked Content:

Content that arouses emotions is always a winner. If you’re looking for a fool-proof way to prove your judgment, use content that will emotionally move people. “Right in the feels” is where you want to be aiming at. Write content that your target audience can relate to. It will make it easier to get your message across.

    Result-driven Content:

People these days are after results. As much as they like reading useful content, proven records of success are real attention-grabbers. If you want your content to go viral, provide result-driven content. Show your readers how things work out. Make sure that your content is clear to understand and that everything ultimately adds up. Even if you’re writing funny or inspirational content, link it to scenarios that your reader can relate to.

Not sure it will work? “The New York Times” analyzed the factors that drive people to share content. The main findings were:

  • Content that is entertaining
  • Content that helps one grow
  • Content that is valuable and useful
  • Content that promotes self-improvement and self-fulfilment
  • Content that can help others become informed of a topic

These findings prove that people are after quality and not quantity. It doesn’t make a difference who is writing the content and how long the content is but the quality of the content that matters. So even if you post a small paragraph on your blog that is useful and well-written, it has the power to go viral before you know it.

Top 7 content tips to boost its quality

Content tips to boost it quality

Now you know the content characteristics that enable it to go viral, here are some top tips that can help you maximize your content’s efficiency.

1.    Keep it concise:

Not everyone has the time to read lengthy content. Therefore, try to keep the content as concise as possible. Your readers will want to read your content if they know it’s not going to take much of their time.

2.    Make it clear and easy to go through:

The use of bullets and numbering along with headings makes your content more readable thereby boosting its quality. It also allows your readers to skim quickly through the content.

3.    Share a personal experience:

Sharing a personal experience allows readers to relate to your story. It gives your content a genuine and unique touch.

4.    Take your content to the next level!

Interactive content will keep your users actively engaged. It provides a fun experience to reading and enables the reader to share your content. There are some great ways you can add interactivity to your posts:

  • Interactive microsites
  • Diagnostic tools
  • Quizzes
  • Visualization of data
  • Infographics

5.    Add quality images:

Visualized content is naturally more appealing to the eye. It instantly captures the reader’s focus and adds a professional touch. Use different images to make your content more attractive. We recommend using high definition pictures to make your content stand out.

6.    Let your readers comment:

Give your readers a space to provide their feedback. Even if you get a controversial remark, you can reply and show your readers that they are valued. It will boost your content shares and will be rewarding.

7.    Make it accessible:

Your content must be available to a broad audience. Therefore share it on your social media and request your friends to do so too. The more you share your content, the higher will be the chances of it spreading.

Now you have the perfect guide to creating kick-ass content that will keep you in the limelight. After all, there’s no rocket science involved, just a few important things to bear in mind and you’re ready to rock and roll!


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