How to Win a Scholarship

July 29, 2016
Josh Carlyle

Ever wondered how students could win scholarships? Think it’s too far from your reach? Don’t lose hope! This article will give you advice on how to get your first scholarship. There’s no rocket science to it and no hard and fast rules, but it does require effort and dedication. If you are passionate about winning…


Ever wondered how students could win scholarships? Think it’s too far from your reach? Don’t lose hope! This article will give you advice on how to get your first scholarship. There’s no rocket science to it and no hard and fast rules, but it does require effort and dedication. If you are passionate about winning that scholarship, there’s nothing that will stop you.

Start by clearing your mind from any negativity. You don’t have to be super-intelligent to earn a scholarship. It’s a matter of hard work and dedication to studies. Always keep your mind active and focus on winning that scholarship. Don’t let any doubts or negativity get in your way. Just because you’ve never won a scholarship before doesn’t mean you don’t stand a chance. You’ll be surprised at how easy it can be.

When should you apply for scholarships?

To increase your chances of winning a scholarship, you must start looking for them right away. You may have opportunities knocking at your door that you are unaware of. Therefore, you must not wait for the right time but instead keep searching to see whether there are any opportunities that you may be missing out on. There is also no limit to the amount of scholarships that you should be applying for. The more scholarships that you apply to the more chance you have to win.

Don’t stop applying for scholarships just because you feel that you may win one that you’ve already applied for. Apply for as many as possible. It is better having one too many than none.  Besides, how will you increase your chances of landing a scholarship if you don’t apply for it in the first place? You should also bookmark the web pages or keep a note of all the scholarships that you have applied to so you can easily refer to them later.

Skills that will help with your scholarship:


Finding an excellent scholarship is easy when you have the right skills. Let’s take a look at a list that of skills that increase your chances of winning a scholarship.

  • Excellent writing skills
  • Positive attitude
  • Hard-worker
  • Assertiveness
  • Good decision-making skills
  • Goal-oriented
  • Professional online profile
  • Confidence
  • Service-driven
  • Organizational skills
  • Team-player
  • Passion to excel
  • Going the extra mile
  • Uniqueness
  • Leadership qualities

Now you are aware of the skills that give students an advantage over others; you can focus on making these skills a core part of your academic career. If you already have some skills but have no luck in winning scholarships, try polishing those skills and finding out how you can improve them to make them noticeable attributes of your personality. Don’t forget to include them in you resumes too!

How to prepare for your exams


The result of your scholarship exam will determine whether you qualify for a scholarship or not. This mode of assessment plays a pivotal role in helping you achieve your scholarship. Provided you are ready beforehand and are aware of some tips that can help you whiz through your exam; you have a good chance of securing your first scholarship. Let’s take a look at some tips that will assist you with your scholarship exam.

Know the conducting body:

Before you start revising for your exam, find out about the conducting body. You can easily do this online. It is important that students are aware of exactly who is providing the scholarship exam and the kinds of programs that they offer. This will give you a great heads up.

Knowing the syllabus:

Make sure you are aware of all the topics that will be covered in the scholarship exam. Research online or ask for assistance and someone will be able to give you an insight. Provided you have revised all the topics; there’s not much that you can lose out on.

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Revise regularly:

Your mind can only retain information for a particular time. Do not overburden it by attempting to revise everything in one night. Plan your revision and try to do it regularly. This way revision won’t feel pressurizing, and you’ll have a better chance of retaining the knowledge.

Revise in a way that suits you:

You know the kind of learner that you are better than anyone else. Do you pick up concepts faster with visuals or do you like to speed read your way through revision? Do what floats your boat provided it keeps you productive and helps your revise effectively.

Make notes:

One of the easiest ways to review what you’re learning is to make notes as you go along. Keep a notepad with you during revision and write down key points. You can simply skim through these points later, and you will easily be able to remember what you read. You could also use a highlighter to mark important points in your books and notes.

Test your learning:

Try topic-wise revision and test your understanding at the end of each topic you complete. Testing your knowledge straight after your revision will help you review the topic and will ensure that there’s nothing that you’re missing before you proceed with the next topic.

Use the internet:

The internet is an invaluable tool and can help you prepare well for your scholarship exam. Have a look at practice papers and the standards that determine a candidate’s success rate. If there’s anything that you don’t understand, you can quickly look it up on Google. This will help you on your revision journey.

Be attentive and take it easy:

You should approach your scholarship exam with confidence and an active mind. Try not to get nervous or pressurized. Keep your focus on performing your best. Don’t think of what may “go wrong” but rather think of what can “go right.”

Keep these pointers in mind and you’ll easily be able to pass your scholarship exam. Winning a scholarship isn’t as complicated as it seems. Once you know the basic know-how of being effective in your preparation, it makes finding a scholarship all the easier.


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