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Blogger Chris Revengton
Chris has been in the digital commerce business for quite a while now. Over the course of his 2 years as a CEO of 2 successful online selling companies, he has developed an unparalleled vision on how to achieve more by having less. Chris condemns people that find excuses for their mediocrity, as he always strives to educate himself and educate the people that surround him to not afraid making first steps, set the priorities high and perceive problems as opportunities.
When the timing is right, Chris writes. He writes about self-development, people, business, as well as immerse himself deeply into technological waves that come one after another in our fast-changing world.

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Why did you become a blogger?

Changes is a central point of all the people‚Äôs fears. You may never know when the sky will fall, but you distinctly realize when it’s you, the person, who must approach a change. Whether it’s moving to a different city, or taking a new job, we don’t stand fearlessly against change. Often enough we resist change, and it takes real guts to turn the page in the book of your personal or professional life. Be strong, keep up with your beliefs and deem change as something inevitable that sooner or later will benefit you. Without a doubt. Chris is doing his utmost to surround himself with remarkable people, share and foster revolutionary ideas and, together, achieve new heights. It is through writing that he wants to resonate with the people who share the same values and beliefs he preaches about and always supports those who need his help or assistance. Follow Chris in social media and never hesitate to reach out to him with any request by his personal email:chrisrevengton@gmail.com