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Elizabeth Evans

I studied politics and got a Ph.D. at Goldsmiths, University of London, and ESRC doctoral fellowship at the University of Bristol. After graduation, I became a Senior Lecturer in Politics and taught students from 2012 till 2016. I worked both at the University of Bristol and Goldsmiths, University of London.
I’m researching politics, feminist activism, and the interaction between genders. I’ve published articles describing the role of feminism within the political systems of the USA and the UK. My books uncover the influence provided by this movement and its overall importance. Now, I’m an essay writer at HandMadeWriting, and I strive to share my ideas and knowledge with students.

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Why did you become a blogger?

While I’m working on my books and articles, I try to research the tiniest details and reflect the importance of feminism and gender equality with the help of words. However, I realize that I need to do something else to extend the audience and help students get to know the political aspects connected with activism. I strive to share my experience and knowledge with those searching for someone who has been exploring this field for years.

I’ve always loved crafting papers. I studied politics and worked as a lecturer, and now I strive to combine my two big passions. At HandMadeWriting, I’ve grown as a writer. Actually, I’ve published articles and books earlier, but I want to have a better connection with readers and students who need academic help. I keep researching feminism and its place in our political system. And my mission is to assist others in exploring and understanding it better. I’m glad to have an opportunity to tell people more about feminism and politics through writing. These fields are rather specific, so I’m here to explain basic concepts and help students reveal the power of this knowledge.