How to Write an Article Review

March 5, 2017
HandMadeWritings Staff

During your college or university career, you’ll very likely be assigned this kind of paper, especially once you’re in upper-level classes. Nearly every discipline requires article reviews, whether you’re majoring in math, wildlife studies, or art. So what exactly is this type of paper? Good question. A journal article review is an assignment requiring students to read an assigned article appearing in a notable journal and then review it. Not sure how to write an article review?

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Don’t stress out. A review article assignment is pretty straightforward; in fact, if you know how to write a good summary, you basically know how to write an article review. Let’s learn a few important aspects in a review.

How to Review an Article

First, it’s important to know that when reviewing an article, the student should both be able to present a thorough summary of important information within the article as well as be able to analyze the study itself. This means that a review should outline the major findings and then discuss if there was anything wrong with the way the study was conducted. This type of assignment also focuses on relating the impact of the article’s findings to the greater population. An article review should also clearly state who wrote the article, who conducted the research, where the article was published, and if the article had received any notable attention or awards.
When formatting an article for your professor, always review any provided guidelines. Pay attention to the required number of pages, margin settings, font, and spacing guidelines. It’s also important to ask about headings and footers as well as if the article review will require Works Cited, Bibliography, and/or Title Page. Although these additional pages may not seem very important, if the professor expects them to be included, they should be included in the final assignment when it’s handed in.

How to Write an Article Review 2

How to Write a Good Review

Wondering how to write an article review? Or perhaps even just how to review an article? We can help with all of that! As a group of professional writers, we know how to write all kinds of assignments. The purpose of this type of writing is to examine a particular article. The introduction should include the following background information:

  • The journal where the article was original published
  • The volume and/or date of the journal issue
  • The authors and title of the original study
  • A detailed summary of the article and the conclusion state by the authors/researchers

So far so good. Still wondering how to write an article review? The body paragraphs are often the toughest part; it’s in this part of a review where the student really examines every part of the article from the methods used to the outcome. The student works to evaluate whether or not the methodologies, approaches, hypothesis, and conclusion were valid. Whether the student agrees or disagrees with the article, he or she needs to support the position with factual, logical evidence. Finally, the conclusion should provide an overview regarding the article, the approach of the article’s authors, and the final outcome. The length of the original journal article typically determines the length of your article review. In other words, the longer the journal article, the longer your review will be since longer articles have more points that will need to be identified, discussed, and evaluated.

Article Review Example

Colleges and universities across the globe offer some excellent pointers about how to write an article review. If you’re feeling stuck regarding how to approach this type of assignment, a quick google search will return a great deal of valuable examples both in how to approach writing a review as well as different aspects to consider during the writing process. For example, Virginia Tech’s Department of History has a great page on how to write an article review for an article published in a professional journal. They provide 8 important items that should appear in a good review. You can read about them in details in our review writing help article. Find another great college resource here that focuses not only on how to organize the assignment, but additionally provides formatting guidelines for the paper. Have to write an article review according to APA style guidelines? Here’s a great resource written by a professional writer! Need help figuring out the best search terms on how to write an article review? No problem:

  • Writing an article review
  • APA article review
  • MLA article review
  • Formatting an article review
  • How-to Guide for article reviews
  • Article review templates

How to Write an Article Review 3

Article Review Sample

If you need more of an article review sample, check out some of these great, free resources online. is a wonderful resource with many great examples of article reviews. This particular slideshow focuses on a literature review. The best source for an article review sample may just be your professor. Most professors keep copies of well-written assignments from previous students as examples for current students. So if you find yourself stuck, make an appointment with the professor during regular office hours and ask if he or she has an example you can look at for guidance. If the professor doesn’t have a copy on hand, ask if there’s a review sample he or she would recommend.

Another great on-campus resource is your college or university’s writing center. Most higher education institutions offer writing centers free for students; this resource is included as part of your tution—therefore, you should take advantage of it, and use the expertise of writing center tutors to help demystify any writing process issues you encounter while completing assignments. Writing session tutor sessions typically need to be booked in advance although they’re free, so don’t procrastinate and wait until the very last minute! Get help from the beginning with brainstorming and organizing the paper as well as editing and revising the draft.

Hopefully, you’ve got a good start now on how to write an article review. Remember: don’t procrastinate! Plan and leave yourself time to write a great assignment.


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