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What is the Zombie Apocalypse Scholarship

March 26, 2018
HandMadeWritings Staff

It might sound surreal, but a Zombie Apocalypse Scholarship is a real thing. And if you know how to write a creative application letter for it, you might even get it.
Isn’t it fantastic that students can get financial support for being creative? Don’t you already want to learn more about the scholarship? We hope you do because we have crafted a complete guide that will explain what it is and who can apply for it.

zombie apocalypse scholarship

What is the Zombie Apocalypse Scholarship?

Zombie Apocalypse Scholarship is a type of scholarship that is offered to a child who provides the best essay on how he or she could have survived the Zombie Apocalypse. The essay that is supposed to be written by creative students who have the ability to envision their own apocalyptic world in which they will be running together with the living dead.

Therefore, the studies will have to be very creative and deduce a mechanism in which the narrator will come up with a survival mechanism during a zombie apocalypse. The setting of this scholarship can be in a school or rather a college campus.

The eligibility for one to be selected for the scholarship is that they have to be either 13 years or older than 13 years. Also, it is a requirement that the student has the legal residence in the United States of America.

Furthermore, it is a requirement that the applicant interested in this scholarship have an organization enrollment in post-secondary education. In some instances, individuals who have plans or enrolling prior Fall 2022 will be included in the study. The inclusion criteria have been set in order to identify the right individuals for a creative story.

zombie apocalypse scholarship

Well, how to apply for a scholarship?

The process of applying for the Zombie Apocalypse Scholarship entails a series of activities. The first thing that an applicant is expected to do is submit an application. The process of submitting an application is done through an online portal. In the application, the applicant is expected to write a short response which is supposed to be either 250 words or less.

Within the response, some of the things that are supposed to be answered are an imagination of their high school or for a college student they are expected to imagine that their college campus has been attacked by zombies. In the course of the attack, one of their teachers, some staff in the school and even some of the applicant’s friends have been turned into the walking dead.

Obviously, this is a very worrying situation and people in such scenarios are always in great tension. However, the essay has to be crafted in a creative manner whereby the applicant curves their way and manage to escape the apocalypse.

The response should indicate the places that the applicant will hide from the zombie and some of the most significant things that they will bring with them to sustain their survival.

Best tips on writing Zombie Apocalypse Scholarship Essay from HMW team:

Some of the tips that an applicant ought to put into consideration while crafting the response is trying all the possible scenarios to avoid the zombies. It is also imperative that the response is crafted creatively and mechanisms used look realistic.

After writing the response, it is very critical that the writer ensure that they proofread their work to rectify any mistakes that might have been done in the course of writing. Since this is a competition whereby the selection is limited to only a few individuals, it is extremely important for the writer to take their time and gather all vital information necessary in creating a wonderful story that is intriguing.

Many students who fail in attaining Zombie Apocalypse do not take lots of concentration and the seriousness required in coming up with the response.

It is imperative that applicants understand that this is a scholarship just like any other. In fact, this is a unique scholarship basing on the fact that it fosters creativity among young students and creates room for competition.

There are many advantages that one can gain from such a scholarship apart from just funding. Some of the advantages range from recognition, their stories being bought or having an opportunity of joining the film industry.

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