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Josh Carlyle

I was born in UK and that is where I finished my studies (Glasgow, Scotland) and gained proficiency in digital marketing and online education areas. Taking a look four years back, I have been blogging this whole time, both professionally and doing my personal blogging activities.
I just love writing. I believe this is what I was born for. This is what I have been doing my whole conscious life. I am glad that I keep finding myself in positions when writing keeps my busy both mentally and professionally.

Articles by Tomas

Why did you become a blogger?

My skills and experience were crafted in digital marketing and the e-commerce companies I have been working for throughout the years. As I have always been keen on online education, working here at HandMadeWriting is a dazzling opportunity to use my knowledge and experience to create some flawless content for students, who I enjoy working with.

I have lived and worked in the US for several years now, and I am definitely in love with this country and its people. In my posts I frequently reflect that. Travelling has become my occasional hobby, and there is a lot to see and visit here. My laptop is always with me, so I keep writing consistently as long as I have an inspiration (and there has not been a moment when I lacked it!)

The topics I cover in my posts vary from eLearning (online education), marketing and miscellaneous tips and advice for students. I am a huge eLearning geek, I keep learning myself, with the help of online technologies throughout last few years, so this is a topic I show a special interest in.