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Richard Pircher

I got a Ph.D. degree at Karl-Franzens-University of Graz in 2004. I worked as a professor at the University of Applied Sciences in Vienna in the banking and finance department. I also was the head of the center of the Knowledge and Information Management department at the Danube University Krems until 2007. I was involved in international research in the field of decision-making.
As a trainee, I have vast experience in consulting, teaching, and project support. Business administration, innovation management, and research are the major fields I specialize in. Currently, I work in the position of a writer at HandMadeWriting and help students craft papers in English and German.

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Why did you become a blogger?

As far as I’ve spent many years researching management, consulting companies, and teaching students, I’m confident in my knowledge. I decided to refocus my goals and assist scholars with the most challenging tasks. Teaching and writing occupy a special place in my life, and now I’m doing what I’ve always been dreaming of – helping students get in-depth knowledge of management and business processes.

Research is my other biggest passion. I understand students who can’t cope with their tasks – they don’t have enough time to complete all the assignments. And even if they have, the quality often suffers. I can dedicate as much time as necessary to research and find the data. I love helping others understand major management aspects and business concerns. Since I have a vast background in these fields, I’m ready to share my experience with others.

I like accepting new challenges and solving them most effectively. My mission is to teach students to think critically and come up with objective decisions. Management and business administration require the presence of these skills, so I’m here to assist them.