Admission Essay Sample: Architecture School

May 8, 2017
HandMadeWritings Staff

“How to write an essay that will get me into an Architecture school? Is there a good example I can take a look at?” Sure thing! Check out this sample to have all your questions answered with us!


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Once I have read Frank Gehry’s saying about architecture: “Architecture should speak of its time and place, but yearn for timelessness”. These words have been greatly imprinted on my mind and I began to investigate the history and the architectural peculiarities of the most famous buildings around the world including the Great Wall of China, Badshahi Mosques in Lahore, Golden Gate Bridge in San Francisco, la Tour Eiffel in Paris, SkyDeck on the Willis tower in Chicago and many others. I understood that every edifice and every monument is a wonderful balance of reality and imagination, creativity, and mathematics. This revelation has captured my mind and my soul, so I decided to devote all my life to the world of fantasy where I can put my own ideas in drawings and calculation and make them stay in balance with the world where ordinary people work and live.

My survey of European and American cities has revealed that their architecture is diverse. Edifices of Renaissance and Baroque, theaters with Greek columns stay beside the skyscrapers and glass business centers. On the one hand, such neighborhood speaks of different times and cultures and evidences its timelessness. On the other hand, the classical architecture looks weird close to modern high-tech buildings. There is a lack of harmony that I strive for.

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I decided to apply to the one of the top architecture school in the USA just because they teach to find the balance where it is impossible and apply it to the most wonderful architectural fantasies. My dream is to improve older buildings for them to stay connected with modern society. It goes without saying that old buildings cannot be demolished as they are a part of human history and the samples of architectural mastery. They just need to be slightly adjusted to the requirements of modern architecture to make a beautiful tandem of timeless art. Finding the balance between the old and the new nowadays is the greatest challenge for any talented architecture. Sustainable architecture is what the US school teach. Sustainable architecture is what I really need to learn to make the architecture of past and present stay balanced and harmonious. This is a practical problem I want to solve in future.

Since I have moved to the USA I realized that architecture is a soul of a nation. No one is able to copy the power of the Great Wall in China or a business ability of Empire State Building in the USA or gorgeous magnificence of Versailles in Paris. Still, I consider that architecture of any nation has features worth to be shared. I took many of American culture and I have what to share as the culture of my country is rich and unique. What is more, the architecture of my country does not have any similar feature with any architectural style all over the world. Still, its monuments have been admired by architects from East and West. I have many ideas of design with mixed cultures, but without a good theoretical background, my projects will remain my fantasies. I need a good background and I think the US architecture schools can give me what I need. I am afraid a physical world would lose a lot if I did not get a chance to study at a good school. The world of architecture is worth of acquisitions only.


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