Application Letter Sample: Master’s in Health Care

July 20, 2017
HandMadeWritings Staff

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Clinical Mental Health Counseling encompasses helping children, adolescents, and adults cope with a broad range of life problems and stresses that include addiction, self-esteem, age related mental issues, emotional or behavioral issues, or depression. Pursuing a master’s degree in this field will give me the opportunity to intervene in ways that will help vulnerable members of the community.

The term mental illness is broad; however, the majority of people that are classified in this group are disadvantaged in many aspects of their lives as a result of their condition. Therefore, resolving their mental problems will make a significant contribution to both their lives and the community as a whole. The master’s degree in Clinical Mental Health Counseling equips me with sufficient skills to further a deeper societal cause of promoting equality and allowing people to maximize their potential in their different settings.

Another reason for choosing to pursue this degree at your institution is the quality of your program as it consists of a mixture of research, coursework, and practical application. Additionally, the faculty educators are members of the American Counseling Association, and their expertise and experience will only add value to me as an individual and a professional. I look forward to learning current techniques on the subject and improving my competency at all levels of mental health care provision.

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I feel that my innate qualities create an ideal platform for me to excel as a scholar, and combining them with a good program will ensure that I become a successful counselor. I am compassionate and patient towards the problems being faced by others, and I have always looked to apply this in a broader context. As a scholar, I volunteered for several charity events that involved communication and interaction with members of society that were facing different challenges. Therefore, the academic path I have chosen is consistent with my career and personal goals. Clinical Mental Health Counseling will provide me the necessary tools to use my abilities to help others.

Mental illness is also very personal to me because I have a personal family experience involving substance abuse. My uncle was admitted to the hospital multiple times for alcohol intoxication, and the images I saw of him during these episodes are still in my memory to this day. He was very close to the family so I had the opportunity to see him when he was sober. As a child, I could not understand the situation, and how one of the most cheerful people I know could be so aggressive, and violent towards others. My uncle’s addiction cost him his job and put a strain on his marriage. Such experiences helped me to look at mental illness in a broader context. I am aware that the extent of damage affects the person, the people around him, and the community as a whole.

Therefore, I chose to pursue a Master’s in Clinical Mental Health Counselling to reach the highest level of competency in a field that matches my skills, ambition, and passion. Furthermore, this will not be last stop as I look to continue learning and expanding knowledge in the field. I also look to make academic contributions to the profession, and I am confident that your institution and this program will set the ideal for me.


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