23 March, 2020

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Essay Sample: Apple’s Mission Statement

Apple Corporation has recently changed its mission statement which resulted in a heated discussion. Writers at HandMade Writing have used two mission statements of the company as a topic for a compare and contrast essay. Read on to see how professionals write such papers.

essay sample

Apple Corporation has recently changed its mission statement which resulted in a heated discussion. Writers at HandMade Writing have used two mission statements of the company as a topic for a compare and contrast essay. Read on to see how professionals write such papers.

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There have been controversial statements regarding the new Apple’s mission statement. Most of the articles that have been written on the new mission have negative notions comparing to the traditional mission statement formulated by Steve Jobs. In any business, mission statements are vital tools since they are considered subjects used in fostering organizational alignment towards the vision that the organization targets (Engel, 2018). As a result, some authors assert that it is significant that a mission is structured in a manner that it is an inspiration that an organization bases its operations around. Missions ought to be short and precisely to the point while at the same time inspiring all the stakeholders. The benefits of mission statements to companies can be categorized into three. The first importance is aiding companies to develop a focus on their plans by coming up with boundaries that will guide their operation (Elliot, 2012). The second importance is that mission statements help in defining the measurements that are going to be used when analyzing performance. Lastly, mission’s statements are integral since they aid in putting forward the star nards of ethical behaviors that employees within an organization are supposed to attain. Referring to Apple’s mission statement, comparisons are often drawn from the past mission statement and the present mission statement.

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Apple’s traditional mission statement

Studies have denoted that many people liked the initial statement that Apple had, unlike the new one. Most of the assumptions have asserted that the earlier mission was inspiring and could motivate employees and consumers into making contributions to the company (Investopedia, 2018). It is widely known that it is this mission statement that was developed by Steve Jobs in 1980 that has come made the company famous. The mission was oriented to change, and this is regarded as an important component of any vision within any market. Also, the mission incorporated the principles and ethos of Apple Company. In Steve Jobs mission, the mission targeted to contribute to the world through the change that will come out of its innovations (David, David & David2016).  Most of the success that Apple has attained is considered to be as a result of the mission statement. This notion is bought from the fact that when Apple was started, it was just a small company that was being led by a 25 years old guy with no certain future in the tech industry.

Apple’s New Mission

There have been numerous negative opinions regarding the new mission statement that was formulated by Apple. However, positive critics assert that Apple Company has only expanded on its original mission statement. The new mission has focused on summing up nearly all the products that the company makes and incorporating their value that is brought about by technology. In the mission, Apple has clearly pointed out the outstanding nature of their products regarding quality and maintained the aspect of change through the mission (Schleckser, 2018).  Negative critics have asserted that the new mission statement is an ambiguous paragraph with a list of products and some of the past achievements. Many critics have been written showing how the mission statement is lame (David, David & David2016). Deducing from the new mission statement, it is presumed that Apple has lost its focus and the new mission is not as inspiring as the one that was formulated by Steve Jobs.  Basically, the new mission does not appeal to all the stakeholders of the company and Apple’s products, and it also lacks the aspects of inspiration which is a significant factor in any mission statement (Investopedia, 2018).

Comparison between the old and new mission statement

There is a great variation between the current mission statement and the past mission statement that was formulated by Jobs. A similarity between the two mission statements is that both of the statements are confident of the products produced by the company. They assure the consumers that the products are the best and worth purchasing and using them for their good. Also, both missions are optimistic for change and development in a wide sector within contemporary society and even the future society (Engel, 2018).

Differences between the old and new mission statement

There are quite a number of notable differences between the new and old mission statements of Apple company. One of the most significant differences that have been critiqued in many articles is the fact that the initial mission statement was inspiring while the new mission statement lacks the aspect of inspiration and thus it might not foster innovation within the company as the original mission statement did (Schleckser, 2018). Another difference is that the original mission statement was short and direct to the point while the new mission statement is detailed and depicts only a list of products and their values attached to them. Moreover, the aspect of change and innovation was clearer in the original mission statement unlike the new one (Elliot, 2012).


As such, a mission statement is significant for the different operations that take place in any form of business. Apple is a well-known company that has developed from a very small company to a huge corporation that is idolized in the contemporary tech market. Steve Jobs is considered a legend in the history of Apple Company. The company’s mission statement is one of the things that had faced numerous criticisms before an even after it was changed. Before changing the mission statement, many criticisms were positive asserting that the success of the company can be drawn from its inspiring and goal oriented mission statement that is short and direct to the point. On the other hand, changing the mission statement has annoyed so many people from consumers to even business analysts and even employees making them lose trust in the management of Apple Company. Most of the people interviewed on the subject assert that the new mission statement is lame and does not reflect the vision of the company which is bringing change to the world through the products that are developed from human innovation. Rather, the current mission statement is perceived to be a list of products and


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