Why is There a Need For Online Help With Assignments?

“Should I pay someone to do my assignment?” Many students ask this question and blame themselves for such thoughts. However, if you think of buying an assignment online, you may really need it. Here is why:

Overwhelming Loads of Assignments

Whether you’re in high school, university, or college, you may get too many assignments. This implies that you will spend several hours working on them. If you miss some assignments, you may not get the highest grades for the associated disciplines. As a result, your GPA will drop significantly.

Fortunately, you can get an easy solution for this problem: address an online assignment help service and order homework. By delegating some assignments to professionals, you will reduce your workload and get enough spare time for rest and activities outside of academia.

There are Other Disciplines

Have you ever noticed that your teacher believes their discipline is the only one in existence, and you should spend all your time learning it? Worse yet, each teacher within your academic environment might think so, spamming you with tons of homework. Consequently, you may have zero time to deal with other disciplines. If this scenario seems familiar to you, it’s high time for prioritizing your studies.

The good news is that you can dedicate more time to disciplines you’re interested in and some subjects essential for your career. After all, not all compulsory subjects might be equally helpful. So, you can delegate non-essential assignments to professionals while learning things crucial for your future prosperity.

There are Other Tasks

It’s super-exhausting when you struggle with homework and need to write a couple of essays by tomorrow, but there are only 24 hours in a day. Adding insult to injury, these assignments are super-complicated and require hours of research and possibly third-party help. Luckily, you can buy assignment online to have a normal 8-hour sleep. So, if you have to deal with essays besides your homework, an online assignment help company might come in handy.

Assignments Are Complicated

Got tons of physics exercises but have no idea how to do them? If it sounds familiar to you, addressing an online assignment help company will become an absolute necessity. Indeed, there’s one teacher and many students. The teacher can’t duplicate themselves to explain a subject in more detail to each student in the class. Some people need more explanations to grasp complicated topics like physics or programming, and it’s entirely normal.

Yet, the educational system seems to ignore such issues. So addressing someone who can explain a topic to you and make your assignment online might become a viable solution.

Students Need Some Rest

The attention span of healthy humans is about 10-20 minutes, but a typical university class lasts for 90 minutes. It’s 900% more than a human brain can handle. Worst of all, you may need to come through five such classes a day, which is absolute torture for your mind. No wonder that half of all students experience anxiety and struggle with procrastination. 

Your brain needs to rest to demonstrate stable productivity in the long run. But you can’t just rebel against teachers and stop doing your homework. What you can do with ease is buy an assignment online and let your mind and nerves have a rest.

Who Will Help Me With My Assignment?

Many students are concerned with people who will be doing their assignments online, and it’s okay. After all, you will entrust your grades to someone you don’t know personally and pay them money afterward. So who are the experts that will do your assignments? We hired academic researchers, former professors, and professional PhD writers who are native English speakers with years of experience in various disciplines.

Our online essay writer is ready to complete any assignment type you need for a reasonable price. We wait for your order!

Besides, our team is extensive, meaning we assign experts with relevant experience to your assignments. For example, if you have a biology assignment, we will prioritize an expert with a PhD in biology. Therefore, we ensure that you will receive the best assignment help from professionals.

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Getting Online Assignment Help is Easy!

How do you pay someone to do assignment? The process has never been as straightforward as it is here:

Register an Account at Handmade Writing

Once you get to wordpress.local, press the Login button to create an account. First, you can sign up on our website anonymously: only your email address is required. Second, our registration is entirely free: no trials and no payments in advance are guaranteed.

Place an Order

After creating an account on our site, you will get straight to your dashboard. There, you can complete a comprehensive order form. Select your discipline, deadline, and upload your assignment requirements. After that, proceed to checkout.

Take a Rest

Once you place an order on our site, one of our experts will start working on your assignment right away. All you need to do is lean back on your chair and relax.

Additionally, you can monitor your order progress in your dashboard. Once our expert finishes your assignment, you will receive a notification. After that, you can take the finished homework, hand it to your teacher, and get an A+.

What Kind of Assignment Help Online We Offer

Don’t hesitate to use our online assignment help since we handle all topics and subjects. We work on over 75 disciplines, from arts and English to math and programming. Feel free to select your subject in the order form. What about assignment types? You can order practically any assignment, be it regular homework, case study, capstone project, lab report, etc.

Note that if your task doesn’t fit in any of our assignment categories, you can select “other” and consult our team on your project. Finally, you can place a free inquiry to let our team evaluate the complexity of your assignment and estimate its price.

Why You Should Choose Our Best Assignment Help Service

Assignment Help UK, US, and Across the Globe

We help anyone who needs to do their homework in English. Is an assignment writing service in the UK too expensive for you? We have good news: we assist students regardless of their location, origin, or university.

100% Assignment Quality

If you worry about the quality of your assignments, there’s no need to. With us, you will get online assignment help of the highest standard. We strive to provide our customers with the best assignment help, and our reputation proves that: our service has a 97% satisfaction rate. What’s more, nine customers out of ten prefer to cooperate with us in the long run. Therefore, we guarantee that you can buy assignments online without trouble and get the highest grade.

Professional Writers

Searching for assignment writing help? If yes, our professional native English writers are ready to help you. We hire PhD degree holders with five years of writing experience on average to deliver brilliant writing assignments of any kind, be they essays, research papers, or dissertations. So if you want to pay someone to do your assignment, why not choose true professionals?

Round-The-Clock Customer Support

Reliable and, most importantly, available customer support is essential for any assignment writing service uk. We understand it like nobody else. After all, we were all students who yet haven’t forgotten how frustrating it can be to wait for help in despair in the middle of the night. With us, you will receive professional assignment help at any time, 24/7. All you need to do is open a live chat window on our website, and our customer care team will reply to your query in a flash.

We cover all time zones to provide online assignment help non-stop. Note that we have 852 experts who work in shifts to help each customer. So don’t hesitate to ask us for assistance.

Flexible Prices

“What price should I pay to do my assignment?” you may ask. You can rest assured that we complete order assignments at the lowest prices.

We have already helped over 15,000 students. Many of them were on limited budgets. However, they could afford their assignments due to the flexible pricing policies of our assignment writing service. Our prices start at $10 per page, which is around 20% lower than the industry average.

Additionally, all our customers can receive beneficial discounts: you can get 10% on your first order and a 5% lifetime discount if you buy three assignments. Furthermore, you can increase your lifetime discount up to 15% if you order at least 25 homework pieces.

As a cherry on top, you can accumulate cash with our referral program. Just invite your friends to our service, and we will pay you a part of their order price. Consequently, you may get an assignment for free. So if you’re searching for a cheap assignment writing service, you’re in the right place.

The Shortest Deadlines

“I need to do my assignment by tomorrow! Is it too late?” We complete tasks within the tightest due dates. Thus, you can order homework and receive a submission-ready paper in three hours. Therefore, feel free to place urgent orders: we guarantee that you will receive them on time or even before your deadline.

Here's how simple it is to start using our essay writing service

1 step
Submit your "write my essay" request
Fill out the form to let us know what task you need done. Please make sure to set your deadline, upload detailed instructions, and select a proper subject. We will use this data to find the most appropriate essay writer for you. Once done, make a secure payment and get access to your writer.
2 step
A professional essay writer gets to work
As soon as your order is placed and payment is received, the assigned essay writer does research and writes your essay following your instructions and academic writing standards. Please note that all of our essay writers use only reliable sources and always do the job from scratch based on their findings.
3 step
Take a break or participate in the process
While our paper writer is working on your academic project, you can relax and focus on other things. Or you can take an active part in the essay writing process by exchanging messages with your writer and giving feedback every now and then. When the paper is ready, we will notify you via email or text message.
4 step
Get a completed paper from our essay service
Get a completed paper from our essay service Once you download the final copy from your Client Area, please look through it to make sure it meets your expectations. If everything looks good, simply submit it and relax. If not, use your right for free revisions, and the assigned essay writing expert will quickly make all the necessary corrections.

What Are the Guarantees?

If you’re new to us, you might hesitate to buy assignments from our service. We understand you and thus offer several guarantees. With us, you will risk neither your money nor your academic reputation:

100% Money-Back Guarantee

Our service ensures that you will receive a full refund if anything wrong happens. We will return your money if:

  • You’re unsatisfied with the quality of your assignment.
  • Your assignment is delayed.
  • You placed two identical orders accidentally: we will cancel them at your request and return your money.
  • You don’t need a paper anymore and want to cancel your order before your writer completes it.

How to get a refund then? For this, you need to contact our customer support team and explain your issue. We will answer your questions in an instant.

Zero Plagiarism

We are firmly assured that there must be no place for plagiarism in this world. That’s why we use several approaches to eliminate plagiarized essays and other assignments. First and foremost, our experts write all tasks from scratch. We don’t have a secret database of finished orders: copy-pasting has never been and will never be our option.

Furthermore, our experts use advanced plagiarism detection software to deliver 100% original assignments. So they get rid of any clichés and phrases that have matches on the internet. Finally, our service will provide you with a refund if your homework contains 10%+ plagiarism.

Free Corrections

If you notice any mistakes or your assignment helper doesn’t follow your initial instructions, you can ask for free corrections under our revision policy.

100% Safety

Our service provides a secure and malware-free environment. Thus, we use an active SSL certificate that enables encrypted connection between your device and our servers. It means that your data is protected following the highest standard, and no fraudsters can use it.

Furthermore, our website undergoes extra malware checks. Finally, we don’t place advertisements and links to third-party services on our website.

Hence, you can order an online assingment on our website without a problem. Additionally, we don’t store or save your financial information since all the transactions are processed via your payment provider.

Complete Confidentiality

“Will anyone know about my assignment help?” If anonymity is one of your requirements, you can leave all worries behind. We guarantee 100% confidentiality of your assignments. First and foremost, you don’t need to share your personal information while buying online assignment. During registration, you need to provide an email address and create a password for your account, nothing more.

Besides, we never share your information with third parties. So no one will ever know about your assignments help.

Handmadewriting.com – The Most Reliable Assignment Help Ever

With Handmade Writing, you can benefit from the best help with assignment. Why us? Check the following reasons below:

  • We help all students regardless of their location.
  • We provide services at $10 per page.
  • We have the highest customer return rate among assignment help companies.
  • We work 24/7.
  • We have solid guarantees, so you will risk noting while working with us.


What is an Average Price for an Online Assignment Help?

On average, the starting price for online assignment help varies between $13 and $15. However, with us, you can order an academic essay or homework at just $10 per page.

Where I Get Online Assignment Assistance at the Last Minute?

With us, you can get a finished assignment in the shortest possible time, even if you have the task due in three hours. So, you only need to place an order, select the shortest deadline, and get the completed homework on time.

Can I Get Instant Answers to My Assignment Queries?

Our customer support team is available 24/7, and you can choose the most convenient communication channel to contact us: a live chat, email, or phone.

What clients say about this Assignment writing service:

Most of our clients, or 97% to be precise, are happy with what they get in the end. Moreover, they return to our services again and even bring their friends. You can use our assistance too.

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