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Coming up with an idea for your next academic paper is a considerable challenge, but ensuring correct punctuation, coherent and cohesive essay structure, following the style, and complying with all grammar rules might be way more challenging. No matter how unique and brilliant your ideas are, the absence of appropriate structure and grammar might lead to the reader’s misinterpretation. Grammar is literally everything, and so it is critically important to follow all of its rules to get an A+.

The grammatically correct text delivers the essay’s message, enhances its tone, and gives you expertise. With grammar rules becoming so sophisticated, it is pretty challenging to keep all of them in mind at the same time. Thankfully, you can now access a convenient Essay Checker and run your text through the software and scan it for grammar mistakes. Using a Grammar Checker is an excellent way to securely detect any kind of grammar, punctuation, and stylistic mistakes. By providing accurate results within just a few seconds, a paper checker can let you improve the structure of your sentences and provide you with multiple hints to make the text sound more proficient.

Most importantly, a grammar checker is the best tool to keep your life stress-free. In fact, the tool isn’t just aimed at students who doubt their grammar skills. In reality, checking texts via essay check software has become an integral part of professional writers’, editors’, and publishers’ routine.

An Essay Checker does more than just correct standard grammar mistakes. An Essay Checker provides you with an overview of some good ways to empower the text by strengthening arguments, improving sentence structure, and cutting down on the amount of unnecessary, confusing information. If you are ready to boost your writing skills and bring your essay writing to a new level, don’t hesitate and check your paper online! What Makes Complying With Grammar Rules So Critical?

Grammar is one of the fundamentals of daily communication (both formal and informal), as well as writing. Even though people are often forgiven for tiny grammatical mistakes during a regular conversation, things are quite different with written communication. While grammar might not matter a lot while exchanging a few words with some close person, it matters in most life aspects. Below we provide multiple reasons on why we deem grammar crucial.

Clarity and proper tone

When we approach someone, we strive to make them understand the main message we are trying to convey. To ensure clarity, it is always critical to use appropriate punctuation. In a verbal conversation, people substitute punctuation with accents, pauses, and tone. But when writing to someone, one should know how and where to put a comma, dash, colon, or semicolon. For example, just a single comma can entirely change the meaning and the tone of the following message:

I’m sorry you’re right

I’m sorry, you’re right

While the first sentence sounds quite rude and offensive, the second one with the comma is calm and neutral.

Missing a comma or placing a punctuation sign in a place where it does not fit aren’t the only ways to change the sentence’s meaning unintentionally. For instance, changing the word order forms up a sentence with a different sense:

I have found a green girl’s purse

I have found a girl’s green purse

Accidentally mixing up the two words only leads to confusion: while the second sentence suggests that the narrator had found a green purse, the first one indicates that they had found a purse that belongs to some green girl.


How we communicate with people around us determines their image of us and the way we make them feel. Intuitively, we make facial expressions, use body language and different tones. However, we cannot make use of any of those instruments when we approach someone via email. Moreover, what we write to another person stays in their inbox, so you cannot keep your fingers crossed in the hope that they will forget the awkward thing you accidentally said. All in all, when writing emails to your professor, colleague, boss, or any public body representative, it is always a wise decision to run your text through an essay checker. It takes only a few minutes to check your work and make necessary adjustments.

Building trust

If you are just writing an essay or approaching some businessperson, your main task is to establish credibility. Demonstrating that you know how to write grammatically appropriate sentences, which arguments to use, and how to maintain the structure is critical for building trust. Be it a teacher, colleague, a potential employer – you will surely build trust with any of them provided that you use proper grammar.

Unintentional Plagiarism Checker

An essay checker can enhance your writing by correcting even the tiniest grammatical mistakes and helping you polish the essay structure. However, the functions of an essay corrector go far beyond dealing with grammatical issues. Namely, the software can easily detect plagiarism.

A lot of students and writers keep making the same mistake – forgetting or simply neglecting to use a plagiarism checker. Many people assume that running a text through plagiarism detection software isn’t necessary when writing a paper from scratch. Nevertheless, it is often the case that presumably the original text contains some percentage of plagiarism. How does this happen? It might happen that you accidentally used common long word combinations or sentences that contain more than four-five words. Moreover, some topics imply a very tight, specific vocabulary that limits one’s creativity and results in matches with already available texts on the Internet.

An Essay Checker is an irreplaceable tool for everyone who wants to ensure 100% originality of an essay before submitting it. The tool checks your paper against a billion sources available online and provides a detailed overview.

Online Plagiarism Checker: How Can it Help?

A plagiarism checker is quite a universal tool that allows you to check your texts thoroughly and comprehensively. If you are new to an essay checker, check out its main functions.

The basic check my paper tool analyzes a piece of information and tells you whether there was any plagiarism detected. If the text contains 5% of plagiarism, the software will notify you that the paper you submitted is 95% original.

While some basic tools simply generate a percentage of plagiarized content in your paper, more advanced tools analyze the text more extensively. For example, advanced check my essay tools identify the number of unique words and provide suggestions on how to modify the text to make it sound more organic and original.

A plagiarism checker usually provides you with a list of sources that might probably match some parts of your essay. Such a service usually helps writers to decide whether to change some particular part of the text or include a citation.

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What Are The Main Principles of Online Plagiarism Checker’s Work?

The main idea of any online plagiarism checker implies checking one text against a multitude of sources simultaneously and detecting identical parts. The tool is highly on-demand among professors, researchers, students, and writers. Professors check students’ essays for plagiarism not because of trust issues but due to the rules of academia. Students, in their turn, run their essays through plagiarism checkers to avoid the troubles of unintentional plagiarism. Moreover, the tool is viral among researchers and writers who do not want accidental plagiarism to put their academic or professional careers at stake.

A plagiarism detector thoroughly scans your text while searching for phrases and passages similar to those in your text. If it happens that your paper does not contain plagiarism – the detector will notify you that the text’s originality equals 100%. However, if this isn’t the case, the software will find the match and show you the Internet source where the matching text is located. Later on, you can review the source and decide how to modify your text to make it plagiarism-free.

Why Would My Teacher Check My Writing Through a Plagiarism Detector?

Teachers at most educational institutions run students’ papers through plagiarism detection programs. First and foremost, the reasons have nothing to do with personal trust. When the entire class submits a paper, the teacher checks all students’ papers without any exception.

Universities and colleges are especially concerned about plagiarism: they cannot approve of even the slightest plagiarism since the latter would undermine the institution’s credibility. All in all, some teachers run papers through plagiarism checkers because the policy asks them to do so. However, those teachers who are not required to check all the essays for plagiarism may do it selectively. Below are some possible reasons why teachers use a plagiarism detector.

The format isn’t entirely consistent

The teacher might become rather suspicious when he or she notices differences in font and formatting within the paper. Namely, they might assume that some parts of the text have been copied. On the one hand, this might just be a coincidence. Nonetheless, the teacher will be likely to check the paper’s originality in such a case.

The difference in voice and style

Teachers are usually familiar with the writing styles of their students and thus are aware of what each of them is capable of. Once you submit a paper that is written in a totally new style, your teacher might doubt that it was you who wrote it.

Too old references

Academia usually requires students to use fresh sources that were published 5-10 years ago. So if most of your sources are pretty outdated, the teacher might assume that you’ve borrowed someone else’s paper and recycled their ideas.

It’s Not Just About Copying and Pasting: Common Plagiarism Types

Plagiarizing does not necessarily mean simply copying someone else’s work and pretending that it belongs to you. Moreover, plagiarizing might happen unintentionally due to an accidental match. However, there are even more types of plagiarism. Staying informed and updated about sources of plagiarism is critical to prevent this inconvenience from happening, so here are the following types of plagiarism:


Being one of the most awkward and confusing types, self-plagiarism is pretty often the case. As one may tell from its name, self-plagiarism happens as a result of using your own research or essay as the basis for other papers. Using the same idea multiple times is considered plagiarism, even though the findings belong only to you. So, if you want to avoid this type of plagiarism but still consider that your previous research suits the current paper’s goals, you may talk to your professor.

Direct plagiarism

Direct plagiarism is what happens when you copy another person’s thoughts and paste them into your paper without changing anything. Such type of plagiarism can hardly be unintentional. To make sure that your paper has nothing to do with direct plagiarism, you may check whether you included all the in-text citations. Another solution against direct plagiarism would be to paraphrase long pieces of text into shorter ones and write them in your own words.

Invented source

The paper is deemed plagiarized if the citation you mentioned on a bibliography page does not exist. It sometimes happens that some students who want to fudge on the essay writing just make up random sources. Instead of backing on credible, relevant research, they decide to come up with their own ‘arguments’ and attribute them to non-existing authors. Even though such an essay does not look suspicious initially, the plagiarism detector will immediately tell if something went wrong.

To make sure you don’t get into trouble like this, it might help if you take your time and read at least ten credible sources. Making notes in parallel would also bring you huge benefits.

Incremental plagiarism

This type of plagiarism is undoubtedly the most common one. Such an issue occurs when one decides to copy parts of an author’s work and paste them into their own research or essay without mentioning the author’s name. Even if your entire paper contains only one directly copied sentence, it is considered to be the case of plagiarizing and might cost you your grades and academic reputation.

If you aren’t enthusiastic about the latter, you can always choose between paraphrasing the sentence or adding an in-text citation.


Even though patchwriting is often confused with paraphrasing, these are the two completely different, if not polar, notions. First of all, paraphrasing is all about substituting words with their synonyms or changing the word order in a sentence. At the same time, paraphrasing means restating the material that you have just consumed. Paraphrasing requires you to read a few lines, digest the information, and explain it in your own words. An ability to do so signals your ability to comprehend what you read and analyze the text critically. In contrast, patchwriting is all about modifying parts of the original text by changing the ‘appearance’ of the original sentences.

Misleading citations

Misleading citations imply representing ideas that do not communicate the main idea of a source. In other words, such a type means using concepts that misrepresent the material itself. This can be the case when a student does not entirely comprehend the idea of a source and the way he or she interprets it simply does not correspond to reality.

Will the Consequences of Plagiarism be Adverse?

We don’t mean to scare you, but plagiarism is quite a severe issue that shouldn’t be ignored. As a type of intellectual property rights violation, plagiarism cannot be tolerated in the academic world. Here are some light to worst-case scenario consequences:

  • You can get zero for the assignment without a right to redo the task.
  • You may fail the entire course
  • You might even get expelled from your educational institution
  • Plagiarizing might affect your future too: since the plagiarism record might be mentioned on your transcript, you might not get enrolled at your preferred college or university.

Instantly Detect Plagiarism With Essay Checker

Overal, one should never underestimate the consequences of plagiarizing. However, you don’t need to worry as long as you can quickly check your paper in a matter of just a few seconds. Our essay checker free tool provides you with a range of convenient means to make sure that your grammar looks fine as well as guarantee 100% authenticity of the paper. The way it works is easy: you just copy the text and paste it in the essay checker software, then the tool checks your paper against similar sources, and finally provides you with suggestions on how to improve your writing.

Do not hesitate to contact our professional essay writer and get your paper checked.

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