Online Character Counter

A character counter is a helpful instrument for processing texts and counting the number of characters, spaces, symbols, and unique words. The fundamental goal of any character counter implies ensuring the text's quality by adjusting it in a way that meets the character count criteria of a specific platform on which the text is about to be posted.

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A Character Counter: What Is It?

There are two main types of character counter tools: offline and online. For instance, Microsoft Word is one of the most popular offline letter counting tools. However, its function is limited to processing only doc and docx formats, whereas using an online character counter software does not depend on the format. Besides, an online character counter is free and implies processing an unlimited number of texts and symbols. Using an online character counter, you can adjust the tool’s functions depending on whether you need to count spaces or paragraphs. The tool instantly breaks down all the words to characters and provides you with an overview.  

Additionally, the online character counter contains a plagiarism detection feature: it indicates  which text fragments might be non-original. Such a feature helps writers save a great deal of time and money on expensive, confusing software. Overall, a character counter comes in handy when writing texts both for professional and academic purposes as it quickly calculates characters and displays the text’s structure overview.

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How Do I Start Using a Character Counter?

If you are familiar with social media posting, we bet you know the challenge of creating a text that stands out and is easy to follow and comprehend. An optimal character count is one of the critical components of a good post, and this is one thing in which our online character counter certainly has no equals. Using our effective online character counter does not require any pre-knowledge or experience. What you have to do is simply copy the text in which you want to calculate the number of characters and paste it into a checking software. After just a few minutes, the software will quickly process the full text and provide you with a comprehensive overview. Apart from displaying the actual word count, the online character checker indicates how many spaces there are in the text in case they count as symbols.

Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, Linkedin, and other similar platforms agree on different limits for the number of characters in captions, descriptions, and so on. Therefore, your task is to explore different character count limits that each specific platform has. To make it easier for you to get started with the Character counter, you may take a look at the most popular platforms’ requirements that we have gathered in the guide below. 

Character Limits That Different Platforms Have

All platforms have different requirements for character count. Some of them are pretty flexible towards letter count, while others have strict limitations. As long as the number of symbols determines the reader’s ability to consume information, letter count is a vital aspect of any website and social media online posting. Below is an overview of character count limits that some of the most popular online platforms have. 


Even though most Internet users may not know this, but Facebook actually has a limit for the number of symbols each post can accommodate. The reason why the limit exists is that the optimal number of characters guarantees social media’s efficiency both as a business platform and as a social interaction tool. Each post category has a corresponding letter limit:

A standard Facebook post

63206 symbols

A video Ad Text

90 symbols

A video Ad Headline

25 symbols

Image Ad Text

90 symbols

Lead Gen Benefits Text

25 symbols

Canvas Button text

30 symbols

Image Ad Link description

20 symbols

A video Ad link description

20 symbols

Image Ad Headline

40 symbols

Canvas Ad Body Text

30 symbols

Facebook Ad Image

20% text

Facebook comments

8000 symbols

page description

155 symbols


If you aren’t new to Twitter and have once posted something there, you might already know that this platform is the strictest in terms of character count limits. First, when Twitter was launched in 2006, the limit for each tweet was 140 symbols (with spaces). Today, this limit is luckily extended to 280.

If you want to write a message to someone, the 280-limit does not apply. However, you should try to fit your message in 10000 characters. Additionally, your Twitter handle should contain a maximum of 15 characters.


Instagram has a limited bio description character capacity (150 characters) which challenges millions of people to introduce themselves to the world with only one-two sentences. 

An Instagram post caption should contain a maximum of 2200 characters. Each hashtag should not exceed 30 characters. 

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Linkedin takes the character count seriously: imposing a limit is critical to ensure the quality of business interactions and meet the platform’s purposes. Below are the letter limits:

Last name

40 characters 

First name

20 characters 


2000 characters 


400 characters 

Linkedin recommendation

3000 characters 

publishing content

120000 characters 

company update

700 characters 


Pinterest contains mostly visual content. Nevertheless, there are few characters count limits for board description, bio, and username which include the following: 

Board description

500 characters 

Pinterest bio

160 characters 

Pinterest username 

15 characters 


Even though YouTube contains a little textual content, it sometimes requires some text input. For those sections that require writtent content, there are the following limits:

video caption


video title


playlist title


Applying Our Character Counter Tool in Practice

When writing any text, you might be often required to stick to the number of necessary characters without any deviations. Although you can still count all the characters manually, such activity becomes extremely time-consuming. Moreover, you might need to perform calculations several times to ensure precision. And what is more, it is as easy as ABC to miss a punctuation mark and thus mess up the entire character count. This is when taking advantage of advanced letter count solutions is necessary. Such a solution works quite intuitively: you write the text while the software is counting the characters in real-time.

Moreover, the software assists you with composing better-structured, coherent texts that are easy to comprehend. Namely, the text character counter can help you to rephrase the sentences or convert long texts into smaller pieces. 

Character counter in social media and web pages

While writing a social media post, it is vital to stick to a specific number of characters. Additionally, it is also important when writing content for a website. Each editorial might have different limits for character counts, so counting the number of characters will help you adhere to the limit and make sure that you meet all the industry requirements.

The way you can use the letter counter is simple and almost solely intuitive: you copy your text and paste it directly to the software. Afterward, the program instantly counts all the characters in your text and gives you an idea of a direction to move in. If your text is written in German, Chinese, or Spanish – don’t worry; the software will still take care of your text. It applies to a number of different languages! 

Word character count online vs. offline 

You might have already worked with text editing software such as Microsoft Word. If you have, you must have also used the character count in word option in the lower-left corner of the program’s window. Although using an offline letter counter might be convenient, using an online character one offers many more benefits. One of them implies that you do not need to rely on a specific file format: an online character counter processes any text regardless of the file format. Whenever you need to estimate how many characters your Google document, Instagram post, or college essay contains, you can do this in a few seconds via an online character counter. The good news is, you can check the same text an unlimited number of times.

Defining the Character Count

A letter count, also known as character count, is the number of symbols and letters that any given article or text contains. Character count has always been one of the key aspects of essay writing, journal publishing, and basically any field that has to do with texts and writing. Due to continuous digitalization and ever-growing interest in social media and websites, character count has recently become fundamental. All in all, the character count has become central for content writing.

These days, a multitude of social networks, blogs, websites, and other platforms impose limitations on the character count and recommended text lengths. The reason for such restriction is that each content piece is aimed at a consumer, whose reading capabilities do not usually extend to extremely long texts. That is why all social media posts have their recommended character count, and newspaper articles have their recommended length. 

Overall, the character count is a critical component of an effective social media or website posting. It guarantees that a customer will consume the content smoothly and problem-free, and the post will convey its message without forcing the reader to close the tab halfway. 

Character Counter: Definitions 

The character count is a vital attribute of any online post, be it on a webpage, social media, or elsewhere. But then the question pops up: “How to make sure that I stick to the character count?”. Well, this is what a character counter does. The way it works is plain and intuitive: you copy the text and paste it into the program which then detects how many characters your text contains. To keep track of the number of characters, you can either use a Microsoft Word counter or an online character counter. As for the former, the tool allows you to calculate symbols right in the document itself.

If you have a vague idea about how to count characters in Word or just seeking a more one-size-fits-all solution, you may consider an online character counter. This online tool  detects all the characters in your text. All you should do is copy the text and then paste it into the software. Moreover, many online character counters allow you to type the text directly in the tool.


How many characters can I enter? Is there a character limit?

Our online letter counter software does not have a character limit. Apparently, it can process texts that contain over ten million letters, which is quite a lot. This means that you can enter any text, regardless of its size, and test it within a few seconds. We also don’t have any limits regarding the number of entries you can make.

What is a character?

A character is any number, letter, or symbol. It usually represents any single object in the text and is also widely known as char. 

Can I see the number of characters with and without spaces?

Our software does not only analyze the number of symbols in the text but also counts spaces. However, spaces are not always a part of character count; hence, the software provides two test results: one with spaces and another one without them. Besides, an online character counter also provides you with a brief overview of unique words found in the text as well as paragraphs.

Is the letter counter FREE?

Like all the tools that we have, the online letter counter is free. You can use it anytime and analyze as many texts as you want without paying a fee. 

Is my text entry stored within the system?

Once you decide to use our tool, you can be sure that none of your texts will ever be stored in the tool’s database. Thus, none of your text entries are saved.

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