Money Back Policy

We are a Customer-Oriented Service, hence be rest assured that we are willing to fulfill all the Instructions of your Assignments.

Please note Refund Request is an Extreme Measure that comes as the Last Stage of our cooperation in each particular case. We are willing to discuss with you the issues with the Final Version of the paper to identify why you believe we have provided you with a low-quality service. As such, we have simple rules for processing Refund Requests, which intend to expedite this process and make it simple for both you as a Customer and us as a Company to reach consensus.

Please mind that any Refund Case may be easily avoided by means of providing as Specific and Accurate instructions as possible when placing an Order. Usually it’s only Lack of Communication and Misunderstanding that lead to a Dispute Case.

You may message the Writer/Support Team or reach the Support Team via phone 24/7 at any stage of the Order Progress.

We issue a 100% Full Refund for the following:

  1. If we received a double payment from you (providing a Bank Statement showing the Double-Charge will definitely accelerate this Process);
  2. If you placed Identical Orders twice (or more) and paid for all of them;
  3. If the Writer has not been assigned;
  4. If you asked to Cancel the order before the Writer has been assigned (you will receive a notification when a Writer is assigned).

Other cases require an in-depth investigation by the Dispute Management Team. The Dispute Manager will contact you within 24 hours on Business Days after you have placed your request, to solve the case.

The Following is the list of Cases that fall under the “Need Investigation” Category:

1) In case the Paper has been Accepted by the Client at least once (and in case of multiple Revisions carried out) the Client is eligible for a Partial Refund of up to 50%.

Please note: The Client receives the Preview Version of the Paper in .pdf Format. When clicking on “Accept Order,” the Client gains ownership of our Copyrighted Property, which also indicates that we have delivered the work our Client expected from us.

2) In case the Client is requesting a Refund and the reason is “Professor’s Comments/Professor disapproved the paper etc.,” we would need to request a Feedback from the Client’s Professor with highlighted sections of what is not correct to have a sustainable Refund Claim.

How do I do that?As a Student, the Client is entitled to request an explanation from their Teacher/Professor on what exactly was not done correctly/which criteria have not been met when writing the paper (Student Code of Rights and Responsibilities: Right to information on the scale used for evaluation of skills).

3) In case the paper is Late, we are to pay out the Time Delivery Difference, the Amount of which is determined by the result of Investigation carried out by the Dispute Management Team (The Calculation of the Refunded Amount is based on the Price Client paid for a particular deadline).

Please note: Such cases are rare in our Company and they often occur as a result of poor / lack of communication between the Client and the Writer/Support Team ( i.e. Instructions provided by the Client are not clear, but it was  impossible to reach the Client neither via messages nor phone). 

Our Company reserves the right to take into consideration the amount of time we waited for the Reply from our Client when carrying out an investigation regarding the Time Delivery Difference Compensation.

Please note: In cases of Urgent Orders (of a 3-, 8-, 24-hour deadline), we may calculate an exact amount of time, even down to minutes, that we waited for the Client’s reply.

4) If the Refund Request (Not of the Lateness Category) is related to Assignments of the Urgent Category (of a 3-, 8- and 24-hour deadline), our Dispute Management Team is to investigate the case.

Please note: The Rush Factor and Non-Responsiveness on the Client’s end (no response to our messages/calls regarding the Clearance of Instructions) will be considered as such affecting the Quality of the Final version of the Paper.

5) The Refund Request falls under the category of Plagiarism. Plagiarism is presenting someone else’s work or ideas as your own, with or without their consent, by incorporating it into your work without full acknowledgement.

In case the reason for Refund Request is “Plagiarism,” the Client is expected to provide the Turnitin Report. However, please consider that the References Section/Citations may be identified as Plagiarism when in fact they are not (the number of References used by the Writer should correspond to the Number of References the Client specified in Initial Instructions).

Please note: The Index of Plagiarism is predetermined by the Client’s Educational Institution/Discipline. In case a particular threshold is preferred, the number/percentage of Citations used in the text should be specified in Initial Instructions / discussed either with the Writer or Support Team.

6) The Refund Claim is “Low Grade/Not the Grade I expected.” Please keep in mind we cannot guarantee a Specific Grade.  We guarantee a High-Quality Product, although the Client’s Professor may assess not only the sheer knowledge of the Student, but other factors beyond our control that can weigh into the final Score of the Paper. However, in case of the Negative Feedback being received from the Professor, the Client is welcome to upload it to the Files Section in the Profile (under the Number of an Order being Disputed) and message the Support Team regarding the fact of the upload on the Client’s end.

7) We provide a 10-14 Day Grace Period (After the Approval of the paper) depending on the amount of pages your order had (10 days for orders below 20 pages, 14 days for orders 20+ pages) for the Client to check the product and make sure all the requirements have been followed However, in case we receive no response about clarifications (in case we need any) from the Client within 5 days, the case will be Permanently Closed.

Please note: Such approach applies ONLY when your Grace Period have already expired, for example:

  1. The Client is at the 9th day of the Grace Period;
  2. The Client sends a Refund Request;
  3. We reply within 24 hours, asking for clarifications (in case of a Vague Refund Claim);
  4. We do not receive Reply from the Client within 5 days, which makes it 15 days from the moment of the Paper Delivery;
  5. Case is Permanently Closed.

Please mind such cases are easy to avoid. You will receive a notification from the Dispute Management Team to both your Personal Account on our Platform and your E-Mail within 24 hours on Business Days.

8) Cancellation of the order after the writer has been assigned.

In case the customer wants to cancel the order after the writer has been assigned, our Company reserves the right to provide the Client with a Partial Refund, based on the amount of completed work. The Amount of Partial Refund will be calculated by our Dispute Management Team, taking into consideration the amount of work our Writer has already completed on the paper, for example:

  1. The initial Deadline is 5 days, with the Price of 100 USD;
  2. on the 3rd day the Client decides to Cancel the Order;
  3. Our Dispute Management Team carries out an investigation and finds out that our writer had completed 50% of the assignment;
  4. According to the following Rule, the client is eligible for a 50% Partial Refund (50 USD) with granted access to the Partially Written Paper.

9) Once our Dispute Management Team approves the Refund Request, it is to be issued within 5 Business Days. The funds shall reach the Client’s Account within 3-5 Business days, depending on the regulations and service specifics of the Client’s Bank.


Our Company reserves the right to carry out at least 1 Revision before the expiration of the Initial Deadline the Client paid for.

1) We are always willing to provide our Clients with a top-notch service and are interested in a long-term cooperation. We suppose the deadline you pay for is the most convenient for you and allows you to meet the requirements of your Educational Institution. Therefore, in case we delivered the paper earlier (i.e. the paper was delivered in 5 days when the deadline is 7 days) we suggest that we Revise the paper and meet the deadline of 7 days, taking into consideration your comments on what instructions have not been followed.

Please note: In case a Revision Request comes with new instructions, an Additional Fee is to be implied in 100% of cases. The amount of Additional Fee is calculated by our Support Team. With that being said, in case the Refund Claim comes with comments on instructions that have not been paid for, our Company reserves the right to decline on such a Request.

2) In case the Client decides to change the Deadline at any stage of the paper being in Progress, an additional fee is implied in 100% of cases (please mind that it will be IMPOSSIBLE to change the deadline in Orders of the Urgency Category, which are Orders of a 3-, 8- or 24-hour deadline).

Please note: When investigating such Cases, the factor of Deadline Change will be taken into consideration as such of an utmost importance. Shortening the Deadline definitely affects the workflow of the Writer, which, in turn, may lower the Quality of the Paper. Therefore, the amount of the Refund, in case it is approved by the Dispute Management Team, may be lower than in cases with no change of the deadline.

We value you as our Customer and we take great pride in our Customer Service, hence be rest assured that the Dispute Process will be quick and painless. The only thing we need to know is the reason you are Asking for a Refund. Such information is crucial for Both Sides.

We are looking forward to our further cooperation and thank you for using our Service.

Requested writer refund policies:

  1. If the writer requested by a customer is not available, we will refund 100% for the “Requested writer” paid-for feature.
  2. If the writer requested by a customer was late with the order, we do not provide a refund for the “Requested writer” paid-for service.
  3. If a customer is not satisfied with the work provided by the requested writer without valid, objective reasons, we do not provide a refund for the “Requested writer” feature.