15 January, 2021

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How to Write a Dissertation Introduction?

A Ph.D. project is the Everest point of all your academic years. It requires time, effort, energy, and concentration. You should direct all your thoughts to the dissertation to give a final push and succeed with writing the piece. It’s necessary to pay attention to every part of this paper, and it doesn’t matter if the most important information is described in the body text. For example, a dissertation introduction can ruin your project or help it grab the reader’s attention and bring you the best results.

Dissertation Introduction

A Ph.D. project is the Everest point of all your academic years. It requires time, effort, energy, and concentration. You should direct all your thoughts to the dissertation to give a final push and succeed with writing the piece. It’s necessary to pay attention to every part of this paper, and it doesn’t matter if the most important information is described in the body text. For example, a dissertation introduction can ruin your project or help it grab the reader’s attention and bring you the best results.

How to introduce the background of your dissertation? What information should you provide at the beginning of the piece? We answer these questions below, so keep up reading to learn how to write a dissertation introduction like a pro.

writing a dissertation introduction

What is a Dissertation Introduction?

An introduction is the very beginning of your paper. This section invites a reader to explore the topic and explains what stands behind your research. A dissertation introduction doesn’t differ from any other introduction, so you should pay special attention to writing a strong statement that will awaken an interest in your project. You have to mention the subject of your research, describe a problem, and explain the purpose of your academic project. 

When writing a dissertation introduction, you have to understand its purpose clearly. Here are the basic goals of the opening chapter of your paper:

  • The introduction acquaints a reader with the topic of your dissertation and uncovers the purpose of your investigation.
  • It shows the importance of your study.
  • The opening section intrigues a reader and promises to lead them to revolutionary exploration results. 
  • It engages and grabs the reader’s attention with the help of different tools, including facts, research methods, innovative problem solutions, etc.

What’s the Difference Between Abstract and Introduction?

At first glance, it seems like an abstract and an introduction are the same things, but these two dissertation sections differ from each other. Many students get confused because of the instructions and the necessity to include both chapters in their dissertations. The proper understanding of these sections will help you figure out which thoughts should be presented. Here are the main details every student should know about a dissertation introduction and abstract:

  • The introduction allows a reader to discover what stands behind dozens or even hundreds of pages of your dissertation. It also  describes the problem you’re going to research and explains how important it is to solve it. Besides, the introduction should describe the essential ideas of your dissertation. They may include the value of your findings for the scientific world, your research methods, practical problem solutions, etc. After you’ve written the introduction, you’ll have to come up with a thesis statement. Explain which results you expect to get by conducting the research.
  • The abstract describes the entire academic project. It’s a short report containing information about the purpose and results of your investigation. The abstract helps a reader understand what to expect from your dissertation and figure out whether your project is interesting to them. An abstract will include all the elements of your paper and present them in a short form.

What to Write in a Dissertation Introduction?

The beginning of any paper may be the hardest part of a task. Even experienced essay writers suffer from the fear of a blank page from time to time. So, it makes sense to check a

dissertation introduction example online to learn how to start your academic project and present key points. Besides, you should keep the following information in mind as it explains which details you should include in the introduction:

  • Introduce the dissertation topic. Start your project by describing the theme of your paper and explaining its background to a reader. Besides, it’s necessary to mention the basis of your research and demonstrate the essential points of your study. Your introduction should show how the results of your investigation can influence the chosen field. Support your statement by including relevant news, problems, or a subject of a current debate in the scientific world. 
  • Explain the scope of your project. In this part, you can write about the characteristics of your research. For example, you can add information about the investigated area, the duration  of your research, communities you’re exploring, and specifics of a subject.
  • Outline the relevance and value of your investigation results. Explain what motivates you to investigate the problem and why the insights you’ll get will be essential for the current situation in a field. Describe the relevant research and mention appropriate literature to demonstrate the connection of ideas in  your project. You should also explain how your research may help solve the problem, fill the gaps, and change the perspective.
  • Formulate objectives and research questions. This information helps a reader figure out what to expect from your project best of all. When describing objectives and asking research questions, keep the aim of your dissertation in mind. Connect all the elements and explain your steps and their purpose. Consider starting every objective with a keyword. You can use such words as conduct, study, explore,  identify, determine, investigate, etc.
  • Write a dissertation introduction outline. Your project will contain many sections, important details, and research descriptions, so you should guide a reader through your paper. Provide a brief overview of the dissertation structure at the end of an introduction. Describe every part in one short sentence without overloading a reader with excessive information. 

Tips: How to Write a Dissertation Introduction?

Since a dissertation is the most important academic project, you’ll have to dedicate all your thoughts and time to this paper. Of course, there will be moments of frustration and inability to concentrate, but all your efforts will be properly estimated. Follow our tips to write a strong, engaging dissertation introduction and impress an examiner with the first chapter:

1. Come up with a catchy idea

Of course, a dissertation introduction will differ from an essay introduction because it will be longer and contain dry facts. You are unlikely to start the project with a joke or some funny detail. So, how to start a dissertation? Well, you can’t include anecdotes, but you can use any other hook that will grab a  reader’s attention and make them want to see your research findings. Explain what makes your investigation significant and how your findings may influence the worldview. 

2. Clarify the problem under research

Chances are, you’d like to add bright descriptions just as if you’re writing a novel. However, it’s necessary to remember that this academic project differs from fiction. A dissertation should contain detailed information, dry facts, numbers, and verified data. You have to describe the problem you’re researching, explain your motivation, and convince a reader of the significance of your study. Revise the introduction to make sure it doesn’t contain unnecessary information that can confuse your audience. 

3. Announce essential problem solutions

If your research findings are revolutionary and may become a serious scientific contribution, write about them in the introduction. The obligation to demonstrate significant results declared in the introduction will make the first chapter especially interesting and catchy for a reader. Avoid making empty promises because your examiner won’t like the  idea of paying their attention to irrelevant data. 

4. Mention relevant studies in the selected field

You can write about theories and other research findings in the field to demonstrate the knowledge of the subject and support the importance of your study. Add information about someone’s investigation results and explain that your project can fill the gaps in finding the problem solution. Your study may even help discover a more effective way to get rid of some issues connected with the dissertation topic.

Need any Professional Help?

The main rule you have to remember when writing is that practice makes perfect. Keep on writing, revising, and changing the dissertation introduction to present an ideal opening chapter. However, if you can’t cope with this task on your own, it’s Ok to pay for professional assistance. No one will judge you because this project is the most complicated one in your academic career. Thus, the most effective way to succeed with your paper is to ask for an introduction dissertation writing help. An experienced author who has a deep knowledge of your field will write a piece that will impress an examiner and bring you the results you deserve.

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