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If you need help editing dissertations there are lots of advantages to be gained from hiring us. Our benefits include:

  • Your trust is our priority. Our dissertation editing and proofreading services put customers above all else. We operate 24/7 customer service and can answer your questions about our doctoral editing services promptly and fully. We love to receive feedback from customers. And we’re proud of our positive dissertation editing services reviews. Besides, if you want to order a new piece written from scratch, then contact our dissertation writing service. We can help!
  • Expert dissertation editor. We only employ the best editors. We guarantee that our editors have the Master’s degrees or above in the field of study and subject of the project they’re assigned. Since our editors are experts, they will fix and point out any little citation and referencing errors.
  • Flexible discount policy. Our pricing policy is completely transparent. There are no hidden costs. To keep prices as low as possible we have a one-time discount on your first order. Besides, we offer you further lifetime discounts. You get a 5% discount for the first three essays, 10% for the first 10 essays, and 15% once you order 20 pieces with us.
  • Brilliant collaboration. We aim to collaborate with you. We introduce our editor to you and allow you to see all the suggested changes online with feedback.
  • Quick turnaround. We work with any topic and within any deadline. Our roster of dissertation edits is extremely deep. And we’ll find someone that is free to help you make your argument ironclad. So, whenever you want us to edit your paper, send us a message!
  • Knowledge base. Our editors come from various academic disciplines. We have a knowledge base any university would be proud of. When you hire us, you hire the best dissertation editing services. Our experts are masters in their fields and know all the research and perspectives inside out.
  • Outstanding dissertation editing reviews. Our online dissertation editing services have an extremely high level of customer satisfaction. 97% of customers are satisfied and have reviewed our service positively. We are still looking for ways to push it to 100%.
  • Clear communication chain. We can email, text or call you to inform about the progress in your piece. We provide you with two points of contact, the editor you’ll be working with and our customer service. We’re always there for you.
  • Experienced dissertation writing services. Our academic editors have years of experience editing dissertations for both undergraduate, postgraduate, and graduate students. Over our four years of operating as professional editing services, we’ve created a system that works perfectly well and ensures smooth collaboration.

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Our guarantees

  • We guarantee a gleaming and engaging paper. If you’re unsatisfied with the changes we’ve suggested in your paper, there is a variety of options available for you to peruse. You can request a revision, ask for a new writer to be assigned or ask for a full refund. We’re never happy until you’re happy. And we allow you to track changes in your paper so the process is completely transparent. 
  • We check for plagiarism. We always pass our edited pieces through a plagiarism check to eliminate any instances of unintentional plagiarism. Here, at our dissertation editing services, we value quality above all and leave no room for plagiarized content.
  • Always meet deadlines. We have a strict deadline policy. With us, you’ll never miss a submission date. We have developed an internal process to ensure you get your theses on time every time.
  • Unlimited revisions. We finish working on a paper when you’’re 100% happy with it. You can request as many edits as you like on the same paper without any extra costs. Even though we make sure to check for everything, including grammar, spelling, punctuation regardless of whether you are a native English speaker or not, we realize that there might be points you’d like us to check more than once. So, here is your chance to correct errors with the aid of a professional. 
  • 100% confidentiality. We have strict rules regarding the identity of our customers. We never share information or details about them with anyone outside our dissertation editing services.
  • Refund guarantee. We guarantee a polished and smooth paper. If you’re not satisfied with the corrections we’ve suggested in your dissertation, there are a variety of options available for you to follow. You ask for it to be revised again, ask for a new writer to be assigned or ask for a full refund.
  • Academic ghostwriting services. We’re an academic ghostwriting service. We do not disclose your data. It remains between you and us.
  • Great customer support. Our representatives are available 24/7 and will be happy to solve any problems or answer questions you might have along the way. 

Here’s How Our Essay Writing Service Works

1 step
Make an order
First, fill in the order form and inform us about your requirements: deadline, number of pages, topic, and other details. Then, after you make a payment, an essay writer will immediately start working on your order.
2 step
A pro essay writer starts working
After your order is finally placed, an essay writer will start researching the topic and drafting an essay for you. Our essay writers use only credible sources, reliable data, and scientific analyses for their work. Finally, they successfully incorporate all the findings into the essay.
3 step
You can now unwind and switch your attention to other important things while our essay writers are crafting your paper. Once the final draft is ready, we will immediately notify you.
4 step
Download your paper
After we submit a final draft, you can either accept it or ask online essay writers for additional editing. If the paper meets your expectations and looks good, you can download it and hand it to your teacher.

How our dissertation editing and proofreading services work

Editing a dissertation can be tough. But with our help, it can be made so much easier. This is how our dissertation editing services work:

1. Fill out the form and pay for dissertation editing services.

Fill out our order and tell us about your dissertation and what you want us to look at. The information we need includes:

  • The subject, topic, and title of your piece
  • The level of the paper – high school, college, university, or Ph.D.
  • The number of pages you need
  • The submission deadline

By knowing these details, we can find the perfect dissertation editor for your project.

2. Our support team assigns the best dissertation editor to your topic

We’ll choose the best editor for the topic from our knowledge base. All our editors are experts in their field who love what do. They’re studying and collaborating with undergraduates and postgraduates to push their writing skills and field knowledge just that little bit further.

3. Revise and accept the ready-made paper

Once the paper is ready, we contact you to let you know it’s done. We upload it via our system so you can review it. If you’re satisfied with the results of hard work of our dissertation editing services, accept the paper. If not, request a revision. It’s free!

Would you like professional dissertation editing services to review your piece and provide feedback on it? Then contact our team of experts today and discover how we can help! Our customers highly recommend using our services. So, give it a try!

What clients say about us:

Most of our clients, or 97% to be precise, are happy with what they get in the end. Moreover, they return to our services again and even bring their friends. You can use our assistance too.

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