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  • Toad Heart Experiment Report
    The functioning of the heart is affected by a number of factors. This paper presents a study in which the heart of a toad is used to study the functioning of the heart with a focus on the effects of...
    pages: 5
    Words: 1205
    Level: Master
  • Extraction of DNA from Cells (DNA Isolation)
    The most essential method used in molecular biology is the extraction of protein, RNA, DNA, and biomolecules [Tan091]. There are a number of methods and technologies available for extracting DNA from cells. Generally, all these techniques involve four stages, namely...
    pages: 4
    Words: 983
    Level: Master
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  • Experiment: Test the Effect of Changing the Concentration of Yeast on the Rate of Fermentation of Glucose
    SACE Number: ______________________________ Instructions for school supervisor: Please note – this practical report must be submitted to the OAC supervisor within 5 days of completing the practical. The practical skills section below must be assessed on the continuum during the...
    pages: 7
    Words: 1921
    Level: Master