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  • Representing Islam: Orientalism and its Discontents
    This article is about classic orientalism about Western conceptions of “the Orient,” in particular the Islamic and Arab world. Most colonial and post-colonial studies have emerged from engagements with, and elaboration of, Said’s literature. This article has criticized Said for...
    pages: 5
    Words: 1230
    Level: Master
  • My Soul Journey in South East Asia
    The essays below will focus on Southeast Asian geography, describing religious pilgrimages, and reasons beyond. The paper will follow and explore four individuals as they embark on personal journeys on the holistic landscape of South East Asia. Surakarta, Central Java,...
    pages: 9
    Words: 2218
    Level: Master
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  • Evolution – Summary of Learning Outcomes
    Over many decades, the evolution of human beings has been a subject of research and discussion among many scholars, scientists, and anthropologists. However, there is no single answer that addresses the questions surrounding evolution as new discoveries are made every...
    pages: 3
    Words: 608
    Level: Master
  • Endangered Language in Kundur and Karez-i-Mulla, Southeast Asia
    Southeast Asia presents a number of endangered languages and one of such is what is found in the villages of Kundur and Karez-i-Mulla, Herat Province in Afghanistan. The Mongolian language is the language that Moseley (2010) considers ‘critically endangered.’ As...
    pages: 4
    Words: 904
    Level: Master