How Long is an Essay?
10 August, 2021 12 minutes read

How Long is an Essay?

Making sure that you stick to the recommended amount of words is important for your academic performance. Even the slightest deviation from requirements might reduce your grade. But why let such a nuisance spoil your mark when you can just know what word count for each specific essay type is? So, how long is an essay? This question seems to be the talk of the town among students. As all students know from experience, the higher the academic level and the more specific the study area is, the stricter the course requirements are and the longer the essay should be. In the following guide, we will discuss how essay length varies depending on the academic level and what to do to find out what a proper essay length should be.


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Quantitative Research
02 February, 2021 14 minutes read

Quantitative Research: Definition, Types and Examples

Quantitative research is one popular research method that has been in existence for several decades. Unlike qualitative research which involves collating and analyzing non-numerical data, this type of research involves using statistical methods to analyze data. It is majorly used in the natural and social sciences as well as professional fields like marketing.

26 December, 2020 12 minutes read

Paper Writing Services — A Different Perspective

Academia is not immune to scandals. Stories about cheating rings, false claims, and other types of academic misconduct by students and faculty alike spring out with regularity. Whether it's universities allowing students to enroll in fake classes so they could meet both their academic and athletic commitments, faculty giving "advanced knowledge" about assignments to students, or student-organized cheating rings, it's obvious that there are sketchy things happening in colleges around the world. Contract cheating is often cited as one of them.

Internship Guide
07 December, 2020 9 minutes read

The Only Internship Guide You’ll Need for 2021 + Infographic

Getting into a respectable college is one of the best things you can do to improve your chances of landing a job. According to the data from the United States Bureau of Labor Statistics, the unemployment rates among Americans with a bachelor degree or higher fluctuate between 2 and 2.5 percent, while the unemployment rates among Americans with a high school degree and no college range between 4.3 and 5.1 percent.


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10 November, 2020 14 minutes read

100 Political Science Research Topics in 2020

As a student, it's a no-brainer that you'd be required to do a lot of writing. From writing projects, to research papers and essays, there's no limit to the amount of writing you may have to complete. However, when it comes to writing political essays, a lot of students get stuck. Here's why: political science is a really broad subject. If you have to choose your own topic, you'd definitely feel overwhelmed.

31 October, 2020 7 minutes read

Nintendo Switch: The Evolution of Gaming

No doubt you’ve heard about Nintendo’s latest product in the ever-evolving game market—Nintendo Switch. Their recent announcement nearly broke the Internet earlier this week. Nintendo Switch will revolutionize the portability of games upon its release. This home console comes with a dock to plug in a tablet, and the portable component will allow gamers to take their games with them on a tablet platform, along with controllers to continue gameplay at another location such as a park or local community hub.

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