24 April, 2020

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Best Essay Writing Service Reddit

There’s a very active movement revolving around essay writing help requests these days. With so many students begging for assistance with their homework, coursework and whatnot, we decided to conduct our own research on this theme and find the best essay writing service. We’ve browsed and analyzed countless subreddits on the Reddit platform and came to the conclusion that not all providers want to give a helping hand at times of need. But still we managed to find some with good reputation and high level of trust from clients. Wonder which one it is? Keep reading our overview to know the truth.

There’s a very active movement revolving around essay writing help requests these days. With so many students begging for assistance with their homework, coursework and whatnot, we decided to conduct our own research on this theme and find the best essay writing service. We’ve browsed and analyzed countless subreddits on the Reddit platform and came to the conclusion that not all providers want to give a helping hand at times of need. But still we managed to find some with good reputation and high level of trust from clients. Wonder which one it is? Keep reading our overview to know the truth.


HandMadeWriting Reddit

HandMadeWriting is the best paper writing service on Reddit that operates on professional essay writing assistance. Their writers are educated specialists who craft high-quality and original papers of any complexity, on any subject. What’s exceptional about HandMadeWriting is that this provider doesn’t tolerate violations of academic integrity, and writers always deliver papers on time. More importantly, they are a full-sized company, not a typical dubious subreddit. These factors are definitely a great sign of a legit essay writing service reddit.  

best essay writing service reddit


When I Googled “write my essay reddit”, the first result I got was PaperMarket. It’s one of the most recognised subreddits that offers to pay for essay reddit. It doesn’t allow scammers to obtrusively advertise their services. However, the rules also indicate that students’ “unnecessary” comments will be deleted. This makes me assume that they want to show PaperMarket in the best light, not leaving a chance to tell others about their pitfalls.

pay for essay reddit


ThePaperBay is another reddit write my essay option that helps busy students with their academic tasks. Like others, it bans users who actively promote their paper writing service reddit and leave negative feedback. But ThePaperBay also hires freelance academic service providers to complete papers. This indicates that their staff might be not as reliable as in-house employees. 

essay writing service reddit

college essay reddit


If you type a “write essays for money reddit” request, you’ll most likely stumble upon OnlineCourseHelp. This subreddit provides students with a wider range of services than a typical provider. Apart from homework help, they hire tutors to complete exams and even finish online courses. Nevertheless, the scope of disciplines is quite narrow. Their list misses such crucial subjects as literature, politics, nursing, and management. 


HomeworkHelp is an essay writing service on reddit, the point of which is to assist students with their homework assignments. This reddit essay writing service does react to regular requests, but for students who need an urgent answer, this one might not be a perfect option. It often takes much time for writers to answer messages.


This subreddit actually belongs to EssayCrate essay writing service reddit. 

It’s a new provider that emerged not long ago and is considered to be one of the best essay writing service reddit. Their official website looks pretty good and seems to offer quality services. Yet, the fact that they strive to put advertising in every corner makes me think it’s a scam. 

reddit sat essay

How to Select Top Essay Writing Services and Analyze Reviews of Writing Services on Reddit

Nowadays, advancing your career might be impossible without a degree. However, studying and working simultaneously might be difficult due to the high academic load. If you struggle to submit your assignments in time, you can entrust the task of creating them to professional essay writing services.

Selecting the best essay writing services might be challenging unless you know what to look for. There are so many threads describing writing services on Reddit that you might feel at a loss. To help you narrow down the selection, we created this short guide. Follow these tips to select a paper writing service that provides great value for the money. Here are the main things you need to consider when reading the comments about writing services on Reddit.

How to Select Top Essay Writing Services Using Reddit Reviews

A well-established paper writing service should have many glowing reviews on popular platforms. Many users leave detailed reviews of writing services on Reddit to share their positive experiences or warn others if they encounter any issues.

However, some untrustworthy paper writing services started to leverage this trend and buy positive comments posted by bots. You can easily spot such accounts if you use search tools to find other comments posted by them.

Top essay writing services have tons of detailed reviews. Besides reading information about writing services on Reddit, you can check the feedback sections on their official websites. It will let you see which services were ordered and whether clients were satisfied.

When reading posts about writing services on Reddit, pay attention to the following things:

  • Check if a review mentions a writer who worked on an order. The best essay writing services hire writers with a high level of expertise.
  • Analyze the posts mentioning the academic writing assignments you are interested in. If you need to find a writing service on Reddit that specializes in a specific topic, you can use the advanced search options to filter the results.
  • Pay attention to the text quality and check if a review left about the writing service on Reddit mentions editing.

Top essay writing services do everything to ensure client satisfaction. They offer multiple revisions, discounts to loyal clients, and several payment options. Besides, they allow you to select a writer with a specific level of expertise.

What Things to Consider When Choosing the Best Essay Writing Services?

Well-known essay writing services usually have highly-qualified writers on their teams. They can help you with a range of assignments:

  • Argumentative essays
  • Scholarship applications
  • Reports
  • Term papers
  • Case studies

Before making your choice, check whether a writing service specializes in several fields. Unfortunately, some companies don’t have enough technical writers among their staff members, which lowers your chances of getting a quality essay.

We have rounded up several things that a good paper writing service should have:

  • 24/7 support team that will promptly solve any issue you might face. You should be able to contact it via live chat or phone.
  • Flexible pricing policy. The most popular companies keep their prices affordable, which allows you to save a lot of money.
  • Well-deserved reputation. If a company has been delivering its services for years and has many positive reviews, it’s a sure sign that it is worthy of your trust.
  • Ability to meet tight deadlines. Such services can help you submit your assignments on time. While most charge extra for speedy delivery, it allows you to solve your problem quickly and efficiently.

In addition, a trustworthy company should offer free revisions and work with various formats.

Why Experience-Based Reviews of Reliable Essay Writing Services Are the Best

Most reviews left on writing services on Reddit are based on real-life experiences. It makes them invaluable for those who are looking for a reliable piece of advice. Unlike paid ads that promote the best essay writing services, these reviews were created by those who placed an order and received a well-written text back. It makes them more trustworthy.

If you see that many users criticize a writing service on Reddit, it might indicate that this company doesn’t cater to the needs of its clients. Services with a low ranking deliver subpar results. By contacting them, you risk wasting your money.

Detailed reviews should mention both advantages and disadvantages of essay writing services. It helps users understand that they are reading the feedback left by real users. For example, if a user is satisfied with paper writing services provided by a company, they might mention that they will work with it in the future.

Experience-based feedback will help you make the right choice and find a service trusted by many users. Even if you see that some users encountered some issues, check if the company managed to solve them.

Many essay writing services are ready to accommodate the wishes of their clients. However, you need to describe your problem to the support team and wait until it gets solved.

Remember to leave your review after ordering such services. It will help other users to make the right choice.

Things to Consider When Choosing Writing Services:

If you want to find a decent company but countless subreddits only confuse you more, here’s what you need to figure out to spot a writing service that’ll fit you best. 

Know If the Company is Fraudulent

Unfortunately, there are lots of scammers that are only interested in getting more money from customers. They invest huge sums in exaggerated advertising or post false information about their values and mission just to make profit. Of course, it’s fairly difficult to detect fraud from the first sight, but there are simple rules every student can follow to filter unreliable services and address only the most trustworthy ones. Here are the signs you need to look for to detect faulty essay writing providers:  

  • Privacy protection. Look for essay writing services that have a website which starts with https web communication protocol. This protocol plays a pivotal role when it comes to integrity, security level and protection of communication between a server and a client. Https is also an indicator of the fact that the site you’re trying to access is authorised and trustworthy. 
  • Website content. Best essay writing service won’t gauge time to elaborate their writing. The main website is a business card of any agency, so the quality of content should correspond to its status. If you notice poor grammar, spelling errors or other irrelevant mistakes, go look for another service. 
  • “About us” page. If you read essay writing service reviews, you probably noticed that many services include the “about us” page on their websites. There, you can find important information about their activities, services, etc. But if there’s no registration number and billing address included, avoid such companies at all cost. 
  • Prices. Always omit companies with suspiciously low costs for essays. If they hire professional essay writers with great experience, they should be paid accordingly. Therefore, legit companies set a fair price net that’s neither unreasonably exaggerated nor too low. 
  • Online Reviews. Track social media responses that have to do with essay writing companies. The majority of users appreciate the freedom of expression, and they won’t miss an opportunity to write an honest feedback about any service. Also, take into account reviews on TrustPilot. This is the most trustful consumer review website where thousands of people share their impressions about this or that service. There, you can find information which the company itself would never reveal. 

Examine Writers’ Abilities

The writers’ staff of an honest essay writing company must consist of accredited and highly qualified experts who have experience and competenceto write essays for you. Ideally, all of them should have Master and PhD degrees on any concrete subject to craft excellent papers of any complexity. 

Reliable writers also need to be flexible and attentive – they have to double check all orders and make sure they’re deprived of any grammatical, stylistic, and punctuation mistakes. At last, they should be fast enough to respond to your messages, confirm order requests promptly, and write papers strictly according to set deadlines. 

Test Support Department

Any essay writing service which is consistently good in quality and performance ascribes most of its success to client support. It’s a special department responsible for effective communication with customers, as well as for providing help and answering urgent clients’ questions. The support team should be reached easily any time of the day. That’s why support representatives take turns so that the whole team could function 24/7

The availability of support in the company you want to cooperate with is a foremost point you need to take into account. If they don’t have a round-the-clock support, such a service won’t be able to respond quickly in case you’ll have concerns about the essay. Therefore, you must make sure that you can order an essay in the middle of the night and get it in several hours before defense.

Inquire of Free Revisions

When it comes to revisions, each company has their own rules and regulations. The most promising ones will make adjustments entirely for free in the period of 10 days or more after the paper is delivered and after it is accepted by the client. In cases when major revisions are required, the customer will then need to proceed with additional payment – the sum is defined individually by the company. In cases small fixes are necessary, writers are obliged to do them for free

Find Out If Plagiarism is Their Friend

Plagiarism is a taboo which time-tested services are allergic to. In relation to essay writing, it is equal to an academic crime which is punished severely. Remember: if you use a service of the company for the first time and they deliver you a copy pasted article from the internet, there are two things you need to do. First, ask for a full refund immediately. Second, run away from this company as soon as possible and never use their services again. The likelihood of them spoiling your next order is almost 100 percent. 

What reliable providers should do instead is provide you with best custom writing and unique, original, and accurate assignments, no matter the complexity of the task. The originality of orders is a guarantee that writers do their work honestly, not trying to save their time and effort by tricking you on quality. 

Know Your Rights

Another important parameter that defines the reliability level of essay companies has to do with moneyback warranties. Given that academic assistance is a rather slippery market in which scams can be found everywhere, it’s critical not to deal with unpleasant surprises connected to money. Your investments in essays have to be justified and fairly given back in several cases. 

The first situation is when the essay writer had initially misunderstood your assignment details and provided you with a wrong paper, wrong theme, and wrong formatting. The second circumstance is when you get a plagiarized paper with the level of originality much lower than expected. The third case is when the order ends up in the “dispute” status. When such a situation occurs, the dispute department will decide if the fault you issue is writer’s or yours. In case none of these rules are indicated in the terms of use or if the company refuses to give a refund, it’s a serious fraud.  

As for quality protection, the company you’ll potentially use ought to guarantee supreme quality of content and satisfy your demands anytime, always. If you don’t see any of this information disclosed on the company’s website, avoid it and look for another service.

Ensure Financial Security 

Keep in mind that whatever company you choose ought to have safe payment options. Otherwise, it’ll be hard to take money back in case you’ll ask for a refund, especially if the service provides only credit card payments. Make sure the company works with PayPal. This way, your transactions’ information and online purchases will be well secured.

Withhold Personal Information

Make sure that the terms of use of any company match your expectations with regard to data protection. If the company you want to address doesn’t guarantee the protection of personal data, such an agency is considered a scam on default. Credible services always put special emphasis on this factor, and so should you. 

Find Out More About Geographical Position

If you’re looking for an adequate essay writing company with reliable customer base and decent reputation on the market, pay attention to the spot where the company is based. Its legal address should always align with physical address. If it doesn’t, that’s a red flag which means only one thing: this provider is 100% fraud.  

Final Word

Ultimately our search for the best essay writing service has come to an end. And from what we saw, reviewed, studied, and examined, we can claim for sure that there are only a few companies ready to have your back. By mentioning companies, we mean physical ones that have real offices with real full-time employees. One of them is HandMadeWriting – a company with quality essay writing services that won’t let you down.

Using the tips mentioned above, you can easily find a good essay writing service that meets your needs and requirements. You can read many comprehensive reviews of writing services on Reddit that will help you make up your mind. Please pay attention to the testimonials left by users who have tested many other essay writing services besides the ones they decided to review. It will allow you to see whether they are impartial.

Great essay writing services should have a team of talented writers who can create a text in your style. Top essay writing services don’t have any issues with deadlines and project completion. Detailed essay writing service reviews should mention whether a company provides free revisions.

Besides, it’s crucial to select a reliable essay writing service that will allow you to stay within your budget. Such companies guarantee that their clients will get top-quality texts that meet all their requirements.

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