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Ethical Research Paper Topics

Writing a research paper on ethics is not an easy task, especially if you do not possess excellent writing skills and do not like to contemplate controversial questions. But an ethics course is obligatory in all higher education institutions, and students have to look for a way out and be creative. When you find an […]

Ethical Research Paper Topics

Writing a research paper on ethics is not an easy task, especially if you do not possess excellent writing skills and do not like to contemplate controversial questions. But an ethics course is obligatory in all higher education institutions, and students have to look for a way out and be creative. When you find an […]

Writing a research paper on ethics is not an easy task, especially if you do not possess excellent writing skills and do not like to contemplate controversial questions. But an ethics course is obligatory in all higher education institutions, and students have to look for a way out and be creative. When you find an appropriate research paper topic that is interesting to you, the process of writing will be much easier.

And in this article, we prepared for you the most popular ethical research paper topics. They will never be outdated and make creating a paper enjoyable.

Tips on How to Choose Ethical Research Paper Topics

A good paper topic is a key to successful research. Very often, students do not pay much attention to the research subject selection. They think that if it sounds understandable and there are not many words, then it’ll work for their paper. But in practice, the situation is different, and a sophisticated topic that was challenging to get at once appears to be a great issue for exploring and expressing a student’s own position.

There are thousands of ethics research paper topics on the web, and your professor may suggest you a list of such topics, but how to make the right choice? Here are a few useful tips that will help every student with the first stage of writing their ethics research paper.

Define Your Interests

Know what is interesting to you as a researcher and display your thoughts and views on an engaging topic in your paper. It may be medicine, ecology, finance, sociology, art, and other fields that are subjected to ethical analysis.

Do Your Research

Then you have to be attentive to ethical topics raised in social media, literature, newspapers, etc. Browse, read, and you will definitely find something that concerns you and can be further investigated in a research paper.

Brainstorm Topic Ideas

Once you come across some ideas to highlight in ethics research paper topics, analyze them by asking yourself specific questions. Make sure you have a strong opinion on the topic; is it of interest to you; is it relevant today; and if there are available resources for covering it properly.

Narrow the Topic Down

Finally, you should focus on a certain aspect of your ethics research paper topic. Speaking about an issue generally is not a good idea for successful research. Broad questions are even more challenging to cover than narrow ones as you can write a lot but do not know what to specify.

Simple Steps to Create Ethical Research Paper

Once you know how to choose research paper topics connected to ethics, now it’s time to learn a guide on writing the work. These easy steps will lead you to create your ethics paper successfully.

Outline the paper

Before starting your ethics research paper, create an outline of your future paper, including all essential elements. Firstly you should prove the topic you cover is essential for consideration nowadays. Present a thesis and its supporting arguments. These must also be counterarguments you reply to in your paper, proving the rightfulness of your thesis statement. Finally, summarize your research, specifying its significance.

Stick to a paper structure

Your research paper should consist of an introduction, body paragraphs, methodology, findings, discussion, conclusion, and references. There are special phrases to start your work effectively and formal linking words. Each paragraph must include one argument to represent them clearly. Ensure all the arguments have supporting evidence from ethical sources.

Edit and add final touches

At the editing and proofreading stage, you should be attentive to all details. Use special tools for checking your grammar and spelling, take a rest before rereading your paper or ask friends. When you are tired, you can omit some mistakes or make unnecessary changes.

Ethical Questions to Discuss

With so many ethical research paper topics, the choice may be tough, as it should be suitable for discussion, giving arguments, and counterarguments. You can resort to analyzing major ethical issues for a classroom discussion. Write a paper on how you define ethics and what its role and importance are. There is also an option to connect ethics with a specific profession. Speak about whether you consider yourself and our society ethical.

What are the means for making people behave more ethically? There are also ethical approaches, philosophers, and their studies to cover in your paper. It will also be a win-win solution to touch upon the issue of ethical egoism in your research. Discussion themes include the global pandemic, enslaving, honesty, poverty, dictatorship, vegetarianism, and more.

Easy Ethical Research Topics

Students always want to go the easy way, and ethical research paper topics can help them with that. If you want to conduct research easily, select a topic that is close to your interests and views. Generally, medical ethics topics are not simple to study, but if you study medicine or are curious about such issues, do not hesitate to write about them.

Students do not find it challenging to investigate the following themes: bad habits, organic food, plagiarism, social media, advanced technology, managing obesity, depression, air pollution, etc. What is easy for one person may seem an insurmountable task for another, so know your preferences and choose your favorite topic.

Controversial Ethical Research Topics

Controversial ethics research paper topics attract students due to the chance to express their solid standing on a view. By researching a provocative theme, you show your knowledge and creativity on issues that humanity struggles to solve correctly.

If you feel that this theme will bring you much benefit in refining your debating skills and defending your position, explore controversial issues. You can write about gun control, politics, abortion, black lives matter, immigration, and marihuana legalization, which will help you show you are a clear-headed thinker. A writer should identify two opposite perspectives on the question and choose their stance.

You can research adoption, homeschooling, suicide, plastic surgery, etc., in your ethics paper.

Business-Related Ethical Research Topics

There are plenty of ethical research paper topics on business and management. You can find a top-notch theme easily if you identify what business sphere attracts you the most. Today, business plays a crucial role in society and the global arena. So there will be no problems doing research on a fresh business theme.

While there are numerous research papers written in this field, there are still uninvestigated angles. Choosing the right topic will expand your knowledge on the subject and help you get a high grade. You can start by brainstorming business ethics’ relevance in modern society. And then narrow it down to study certain concepts.

These are the following business topic ideas: cryptocurrency, employee monitoring, corporate governance, utilitarianism, universal income, or corporate sustainability.

Environmental Ethical Research Topics

Nowadays, environmental ethics topics are quite popular among researchers. People care more about the environment and try to do their best to save our planet. But very often, different issues arise on the way to an eco-friendly future that should be investigated. There are multiple environmental ethics topics that include the environmental ethics of a particular administration that will look fresh and relevant for researchers worldwide.

Other issues to cover concern global warming, corporate ethical responsibility, deep ecology, and pollution. It’ll be interesting to experiment with writing a paper on the eco-feminist approach to solving environmental problems. Choose a controversial environmental ethical theme and study ethical justification and critique of vegetarianism. Explore environmental harm to indigenous people, ethics of using animals for entertainment, farming, research, etc.

Ethical Leadership Research Topics

Leadership ethics topics are of interest to many students conducting ethical research. It is an important issue in the workplace, so everyone should be aware of ethical leadership issues. When writing an ethics research paper on leadership, a student should know ethical leadership principles, namely honesty, integrity, community, justice, and respect, to have a basic understanding of the concept.

Now we will explore ethics research paper topics for you to explore in your paper. They include ethical leadership roles, relational leadership concepts, employee relations, productivity, organizational performance, Nelson Mandela as a bright leadership example, etc. It will be great to investigate if ethical leadership affects successful leadership.

Biomedical Research Paper Topics

Students choosing medical ethics topics make a huge contribution to the research field. Biomedics is a widespread issue for consideration, and every unique opinion plays a huge role. At first sight, the research on cloning or genetic engineering may seem too complicated. But when you study the basics, you will be able to write a quality, original paper. When choosing biomedical ethics topics, consider their relevance as science is evolving and discoveries appear continuously.

So keep pace with the latest news in this field and explore biomedical ethics topics to cover in your research, such as cloning issues, organ donation ethics, organ transplantation problem, discrimination in care, health disclosure question, organ trafficking, AIDS discrimination, animal research, etc.

The Ethical Dilemma as a Research Topic

An ethical dilemma is a controversial topic for research when it’s required to make a hard choice between two possible options. It can seem that they both are good or, on the contrary, bad, and the right decision is impossible. However, ethical dilemma topics develop a person’s critical thinking and ability to solve an issue based on ethical values. You probably know such a popular trolley dilemma that was deeply investigated, but it is still challenging for a person to decide the morality of killing one person to save five lives.

When researching ethical dilemmas, a writer should choose a justice or relationship perspective for approaching the issue. Let’s find some more ethical dilemma topics: abortion, euthanasia, religious beliefs, transplantation, medical errors, nazism, etc.

Ethics Topics to Make a Presentation

When creating an ethics research paper, students are supposed to present it to the audience. So the topic you choose must be easy to use for a presentation and visualize. There should be lots of quality visual supporting material for an engaging presentation. Do not forget that your presentation should be informative but, at the same time, not overwhelmed with textual data.

A creative topic encourages a student to do thorough research and present it in a visually appealing form. So explore popular ethical research paper topics for a presentation that includes LGBT discrimination, genetic cloning, racism, immigration, feminism, sexism, fur & leather cloth wearing, etc.

How to Find a Reliable Writing Service

Writing a paper on ethics may be easy for some students, but many often find it hard to find time for research. You can select a good research theme that is of interest to you, but you cannot do it yourself for some reason. Then writing services will provide you with academic support.

And if you face a dilemma about what service to choose as there is an abundance of professional essay writer platforms, pay attention to the following tips.

Variety of writing services and topics

A professional company provides multiple services and has expert writers in different fields. They need to be certified and have experience in creating papers on certain topics. They should know well the instructions for writing academic works of any kind. Their writing styles should include MLA, APA, Harvard, and Chicago. In such a way, the academic writing platform will perform a quality ethics research paper.


It is crucial that a writing service you choose gives their clients guarantees on money back, plagiarism-free works, and free revisions. They should return you money for the paper if it doesn’t comply with the instructions and requirements. You can check the paper, ask for editing and improve some aspects of the writing process for fourteen days after the work completion. This data is available in their terms and conditions.

Positive testimonials

When looking for a service to make a research paper, make sure it has many satisfied clients. Read reviews and find if the company sticks to deadlines and provides high-quality papers. Testimonials can also tell you how the service treats its clients, if it has good customer support, and generally whether it is safe.

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