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How to Write a Classification Essay?

Classification essay is comparable to painting creation - an artist works on a specific structure that holds the picture’s elements together and glues different layers to create a powerful visual effect. The same principle applies to a writing piece, in which the central role is devoted to getting things in order. In this article, we’ll discuss the main features and components of a great classification essay and share some tips and tricks on how to take your piece of writing to the next level.

Classification Essay

Classification essay is comparable to painting creation - an artist works on a specific structure that holds the picture’s elements together and glues different layers to create a powerful visual effect. The same principle applies to a writing piece, in which the central role is devoted to getting things in order. In this article, we’ll discuss the main features and components of a great classification essay and share some tips and tricks on how to take your piece of writing to the next level.

Classification essay definition

We bet the first thing you want to know concerning the topic is what is a classification essay? This is the task which you’ll most likely deal with at some point in your student life. The essence of this assignment is related to categorization and generalization. Remember these two words because they form the true meaning of classification essay. Also, division and classification are those elements of this essay type which highly correlate and have equal importance for essay creation. Therefore, the main task here is to organize or sort things into categories.

Classification Essay Writing

How to write a classification essay 

Careful attention to planning marks the indication of quality in terms of classification essay. At this point, the main task is to learn how to structure the paper. The length of an article may vary, but the most frequently used “five paragraphs” method is typically applied for classification writing. What does this structure suggest? It has to do with a logical division of your essay into blocks and categories, every one of which should clarify a particular issue.

The first and one of the essential paragraphs is the introductory one. It’s an opening which illuminates the matter you’re going to discuss and the subject you’ll categorize. Besides, you can outline the purpose of your classification essay to readers to bring more clarity into the discussion. Answer the question of why you are categorizing the chosen items and what criteria you use for each of them. Then, you’ll need to close the introduction paragraph with a thesis. It will briefly sum up the objective of your classification and division essay, and identify the categories which you’ll be using for a paper.

The second part is the essay body. Here, a couple of paragraphs are applicable, preferably 3 and more. The most critical nuance you should remember while composing a body is that each paragraph will deal with a separate category. The best way to organize the central part of your division essay is to explain the criteria for each category and desirably, discuss strengths and weaknesses. More importantly, you should include examples that’ll back up your statements with a piece of evidence. Notably, there should be an equal amount of examples for every category to spread the evidence evenly. If your paragraphs in the main body are lengthy, you can also divide them into shorter ones to create a smooth transition between the blocks of text and improve readability.

The final paragraph of your classification essay is a conclusion. The closing statements will sum up the different categories highlighted in the body. Also, it’s advisable to restate each category and advise readers on the subject matter. However, if you choose to recommend this or that topic over the others, don’t forget to state the reason for your stance. This way, readers will take into account your well-grounded explanation, which is deprived of subjectivity, and make relevant conclusions for themselves.

Classification Essay Structure

Apart from the basic understanding of classification essay structure, you should also get prepared for the writing process. For many, implementing theory on practice is even more challenging than the stage of composing an essay. Nonetheless, with enough patience and endurance, this process is really not so bad after all. So, what steps do you need to make in order to prepare well for classification paper writing?

First things first, planning is everything when it comes to the assignment that implies classification. Without a clear and coherent plan, there’s no way you can write a good paper. Therefore, make sure that you have a robust scheme before writing your essay. For this, proceed with the following planning steps:

  • Generate Ideas. Evidently, your essay won’t write itself. If your professor has not assigned you a specific topic, it’s time to do some brainstorming. Remember – you need to choose a group of people, things, or ideas that can be easily divided into categories and then compared.
  • Choose Your Classification Method. Aim at one principle for classification for each category you describe. For example, if you write about people, you can categorize them by age, gender, appearance, or other factors. This will help you better structure your essay and make it look more organized in the eyes of readers.
  • Create a Thesis Statement. As previously mentioned, the thesis statement is the element which closes the introduction of your classification essay. It should include such information as the subject matter, the categories, and the criteria used to classify each category. Besides, you can note down the purpose of your division into these categories.

Preparation for Classification Essay

Classification essay outline

The outline is a general description or plan that schematically displays the main points of your essay. The main point of an outline is to help you see the structure of your essay and use it as a useful guide for writing. Usually, a typical outline describes the essence of each point in one sentence. Also, bullet points are not uncommon, so you can use them to arrange a plan the way you feel is the most appropriate.

Classification essay topics

There is a plethora of themes and subjects for division classification essays to choose from, but most of them are hard to think of straight away. That’s why we’ve collected the list of the top used classification topics for you to facilitate the process of generating ideas or searching for ones elsewhere.

  1. The most popular devices students use nowadays
  2. Colors and their meaning in the paintings of Frida Kahlo
  3. The evolution of rock-music types
  4. Standard methods students use to prepare for exams
  5. Public speakers that have moved the world  
  6. Unique factors to determine a successful relationship  
  7. How to improve child-parent relationships
  8. Main motives to start a political career
  9. Learning techniques for college students
  10. Types of TV comedy shows
  11. Traveling destinations
  12. The main types of mobile applications
  13. Communication possibilities online
  14. Strategies for making decisions in business
  15. Leadership and leader types
  16. Conflicts at the job and ways to cope with them
  17. The motivation for doing sports
  18. Methods to reduce stress

No matter which theme you choose for your classification essay and what techniques you implement to make them elaborated, remember always to keep the structure in mind. The first step to writing this type of assignment is not just sitting and jotting down detached ideas, but planning out clear statements which can later be transmitted on paper. Hopefully, our advice will help you on the way to writing an excellent classification essay which your professor will mark with an A+ grade.

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