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127 Compare and Contrast Essay Topics

Crafting a compare and contrast essay is typically much more interesting and fun than working on a dissertation. With this piece of writing, a student gets his chance to be creative. Besides, one doesn’t have to re-invent the bicycle: these essays already have a purpose and a topic. All you have to do is find similarities or differences between specific notions. And yes, there is one more problem to it.

Compare and Contrast Essay Topics

Crafting a compare and contrast essay is typically much more interesting and fun than working on a dissertation. With this piece of writing, a student gets his chance to be creative. Besides, one doesn’t have to re-invent the bicycle: these essays already have a purpose and a topic. All you have to do is find similarities or differences between specific notions. And yes, there is one more problem to it.
127 Compare and Contrast Essay Topics

Half of the success of a compare and contrast essay lies in a properly-chosen topic. Now, this can be tricky.

Just think about it: would want to read a piece on a beaten topic like “Books vs. Television”? Or would you rather give a read to an unusual compare and contrast Korean and Vietnam war essay? While you know everything about the first one, the second topic actually sounds interesting.

Choosing compare and contrast essay topics can be time-consuming and daunting. However, with the guide our essay writer prepared, you will find a great title with no problem.

By the way, if you need a reminder of what such writing looks like and what components it consists of, don’t hesitate to read our guide on how to write a compare and contrast essay. It will help you structure and organize your knowledge in this regard.

And here is a short introduction to what this type of academic writing should really look like.

How to write a compare and contrast essay

Depending on the task you received from your tutor, in this particular academic paper you are either to compare several things or notions or contrast them.

how to write a compare and contrast essay outline

Here is what a structure of this type of writing looks like:

  1. Introduction.
    • An engaging opening with a “hook.”
    • A thesis statement that explains what is the focus of your writing and whether you’ll be comparing or contrasting the notions.
    • If you don’t know how to write a thesis statement, here is a guide that will explain you all the details step by step.
  2. Main body paragraph #1.
    • An argument #1 that supports the thesis statement.
    • Evidence proving the author’s position.
    • A short conclusion.
  3. Main body paragraph #2.
    • An argument #1 that supports the thesis statement.
    • Evidence proving the author’s position.
    • A short conclusion.
  4. Main body paragraph #3.
    • An argument #1 that supports the thesis statement.
    • Evidence proving the author’s position.
    • A short conclusion.
  5. Conclusion.
    • A short reminder of a problem described in the essay.
    • A brief overview of the similarities or differences (aka supporting arguments).
    • A call to action or a interesting question to the audience.

Any A-grade essay would follow this structure. Thus, if you aim to receive better grades, consider taking this structure into account.

Meanwhile, as a student you get tons of other writing assignments. If you’re currently struggling with choosing good argumentative essay topics, don’t hesitate to take a look at our recent guide!

Finally, let’s dive into the search. After all, this is a key to crafting an excellent piece.

What makes good compare and contrast essay topics

Several factors make some topics your best option compared to the rest.


No matter how great the topic of your choice is, the target audience can sense when you genuinely care about what you are writing, and when you’re simply following the structure with no personal interest in the subject. If you write yawning and find it hard to find any evidence to support your position, chances are you’ve chosen a wrong topic.
A compare and contrast dog and cat essay might be a good topic for a person deeply loving these furry little creatures. But someone not that much into domestic animals won’t be able to write a single line of an essay comparing dogs and cats.
So, choose your topic wisely.

Availability of trusted sources.

In some cases, you have to use trusted sources to prove your point. Otherwise, your position might seem biased and subjective.
That is why we strongly recommend you to check whether the compare and contrast essay titles you opted can be supported by evidence found at the trusted sources.

Recommendation of a tutor.

Last but not least, ask for recommendations. With years of experience under his belt, your tutor might have an eye for great topics. So, why not using his experience for your own good? Besides, apart from good topics suggestions, he can also provide you with great sources to explore. So, don’t lose an opportunity to make your life easier with his assistance!

Proper formatting style.

Proper formatting is hard to overestimate when it comes to A-grade essay writing. A great deal of your grade depends on it. That is why we recommend you to check out our essay format guide to figure out what your piece should look like.

These are the criteria that help you pick a good theme for your paper. But where should you look for theme to choose from in the first place? We know the answer.

If you aren’t sure you have the time and energy to craft a piece yourself, we’re here to help. Handmade Writing is a reliable place to order your academic papers from.

Sources of interesting topics

Basically, there are six sources students can go to these days:

  1. Internet.
  2. Social media.
  3. Scientific journals.
  4. Magazines.
  5. Books.
  6. Textbooks.

Each one of them is filled with personalities, facts, events, and locations to contrast and compare. Therefore, don’t hesitate to explore these right sources.

By the way, if you are looking for ideas or inspiration on how to write a scholarship essay, we’ve got something for you. We’ve gathered a guide that will walk you step by step through the process of composing a good essay that’ll get you college scholarship!

Now that you know everything you need about proper topics sources, let’s proceed to our list of good topics to choose contrast essay topics

Easy compare and contrast essay topics for college students

  1. High school vs college.
  2. McDonalds and Burger King: Explain how these two fast food chains similar or different from each other.
  3. Public schools and homeschooling: Which do you prefer?
  4. Basketball and football: Popularity, speed of play, dependency on athleticism, personal preference, etc.
  5. Lamborgini vs. Bugatti.
  6. Virtual vs. Augmented reality: Which technology is the future?
  7. Star Wars vs. Star Trek: Which is better?
  8. Communism vs. Socialism: The good, the bad, and the ugly.
  9. American English vs British English.
  10. Conventional or E-learning: What would you choose?
  11. Computer and video games: Which is more fun?
  12. Inner beauty and outer beauty.
  13. Snapchat and Instagram: What makes them similar (different)?
  14. Stalin or Hitler: Which is a bigger evil? Or what in their management style was similar?
  15. Living in the big city or living in the country: What would you choose?
  16. Italian vs. Spanish cuisines.
  17. Active vacation in the mountains vs. passive rest by the sea.
  18. Facebook vs. Twitter.
  19. Windows vs. Linux.
  20. Android or iOS: Which is the future?

Funny compare and contrast essay topics

  1. Chandler, Joey and Ross: Which one of them is cooler?
  2. Pizza or pasta: If you had to eat one food for the rest of your life, which of these would you choose?
  3. Batman vs. SuperMan;  Avengers vs. Justice League.
  4. Soccer vs football: How are they different apart from their name?
  5. Iron Man or Hulk: Which one is the best superhero of his time?
  6. Michael Jackson vs. Elvis Presley.
  7. George and Lennie.
  8. Harry Potter vs. Ronald Weasley: One is way cooler than the other.
  9. Simpsons or the South Park?
  10. Eternal summer or eternal winter: Which is the least of all evil?

Historical topics

  1. WW1 and WW2: Reasons, participants, number of dead and wounded, etc.
  2. Renaissance and Barocco.
  3. Roman and Greek mythology.
  4. Crusaders vs. Saracens.
  5. The European economics before and after WW2.
  6. Abolition of slavery in the USA and Europe.
  7. Japanese and European feudalism essay.
  8. Gender roles in the Roman Empire vs Ottoman Empire.
  9. British colonization and Spanish colonization.
  10. Lincoln and Kennedy.
  11. Reconstruction in America against the Industrial Age.
  12. Mongolian Empire and Persian Empire.
  13. Monaco vs Luxembourg: Countries’ history comparison.
  14. Worker unions history in the USA vs. Great Britain.
  15. Julius Caesar or Alexander the Great.

Compare and contrast essay between two jobs

  1. Marketer vs. Digital Marketer.
  2. Anthropologist vs. Philosopher vs. Psychologist
  3. Software Engineer vs. Software Architect.
  4. Film producer and a Film Director.
  5. Working from home and working at an office.
  6. Linguist and a Grammarian.
  7. Developer or a Coder?
  8. QA Specialist or a Test Engineer.
  9. Dean or a Principal.
  10. Accountant vs. Economist.
  11. Journalist vs. Reporter.
  12. Recruiter vs. HR Generalist.
  13. Copywriter vs. Content Marketer.

Compare and contrast essay between two cultures

  1. Egypt and Mesopotamia compare and contrast essay
  2. Modern European and American culture.
  3. Urbanism and ruralism.
  4. Vegetarianism vs. pescetarianism.
  5. Compare and contrast Mexico and United States essay.
  6. Emo culture and gothic.
  7. Compare and contrast Sparta and Athens essay.
  8. Bookworms vs. Film Buffs.
  9. Culture and ethnicity.
  10. Christianity, Islam and Judaism essay.

Interesting topics about literature

  1. Bible vs. Quran.
  2. 1984 vs. Fahrenheit 451.
  3. Chronicles of Narnia: Film or the book series?
  4. The Great Gatsby vs. The Catcher in the Rye.
  5. Fiction against non-fiction.
  6. Divine Comedy vs. Paradise Lost.
  7. Lord of the Rings: The book against the latest film production?
  8. Expository and Persuasive writing.
  9. Harry Potter vs. Lord of the Rings.
  10. Anne Frank’s Diary vs. I am Malala.
  11. Classic poetry against the modern one.
  12. Paper books against the e-books: The never-ending battle.
  13. Anne of Green Gables vs. Pollyanna.
  14. Pride and Prejudice vs. Bridget Jones’ Diary.
  15. Bronte sisters vs. Jane Austen.
  16. Drama and Comedy.
  17. To Kill a Mockingbird or The Help.
  18. Little Women vs. Little Men.
  19. Poetry and prose: What makes them different?

Topics related to movies and cinematography

  1. Wolf of Wall Street vs. Great Gatsby.
  2. Main differences between European and American films.
  3. Horror films and thrillers.
  4. House M.D. against Grey’s Anatomy.
  5. Sherlock Holmes: The old series or the new episodes?
  6. Polyanna: Which is better – a film or the book?
  7. Japanese horror films vs. American.
  8. Home Alone 1 vs. Home Alone 4.
  9. The Wizard of Oz against Gone With the Wind.
  10. The Sound of Music vs. Mary Poppins.
  11. Beverly Hills, 90210 or Melrose Place.
  12. Friends vs. The Office.
  13. Charlie Chaplin and Mr. Bean.
  14. The Pianist or Schindler’s List.
  15. Romeo and Juliet: 1968, 1996, and 2013 productions.
  16. Forrest Gump or The Curious Case of Benjamin Button.
  17. 300 or Gladiator.
  18. Lord of the Rings: extended edition vs. director’s cut.
  19. Ben-Hur (1959) vs. Ben-Hur (2016).
  20. Exodus: Gods and Kings (2014) and Prince of Egypt.
  21. Dunkirk vs. Saving Private Ryan.
  22. The Green Mile vs. The Shawshank Redemption.
  23. Les Miserables (2012) vs. The Greatest Showman.

Music and arts-related topics

  1. Beyonce vs. Rihanna.
  2. Whitney Houston against Adele.
  3. Britney Spears against Madonna.
  4. Mona Lisa vs. Girl with a Pearl Earring.
  5. Van Gogh against Picasso.
  6. Impressionism against Expressionism.
  7. Opera and ballet.
  8. Spotify or Deezer.
  9. Records or Live concerts.
  10. Jazz or classical music.
  11. Musical theatre vs. Play with music.
  12. Renaissance and Enlightenment epochs in arts.
  13. African vs. Asian art.
  14. Rock music of the XX century vs. today.
  15. Religious hymns and secular songs about Christmas.
  16. Music people listened to in their twenties in the XX century and now.
  17. Protagonist of the modern pop music culture and that of the 1960s.

We guarantee that you can easily find a good title among the ones we suggested. If you find it hard to compose a good compare and contrast essay even after choosing one of our topics, don’t hesitate to us a line asking for help.

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