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Winning Graduation Speech Ideas

May 2, 2016
HandMadeWritings Staff

A graduation speech is a speech after successful completion of a student’s term as a scholar from a particular institution, high school, college or university. A graduation speech is prepared to commemorate past experiences of the student while he or she was undertaking his or her studies at the institution. Graduating is a very important step to every scholar and the day of graduation is an emotion-filled day for all graduates so it is important for each and every one of them to give a remarkable speech.


10 Tips on How to Write a Winning Graduation Speech:

  1. Remember about a sense of humor. Once an individual steps to the podium there is always some sort of tension between the speaker and the audience so it is a good move to break the ice with a joke so that everyone is at ease and a certain ambiance has been created.
  2. Do not forget that you are dealing with a very diverse audience. Your statements and phrases should be easily understood by the whole of the audience. When you are addressing a respectable person it is key to refer to them with respect. Your jokes and statements should not be vulgar or in any way offensive to any single person.
  3. During your speech preparation, you should come up with a theme that is memorable and can be quoted by each member of your audience – the faculty, the graduates and the families too. Give easy to understand examples so that you don’t lose your audience.
  4. You should avoid clichés in your speech because members of the audience who might relate to what you are saying and have a different opinion might see you as out of touch and less inspirational. Also talking about the value of their education is not a good idea because by know most of the students are aware of the value of their education. If possible try to avoid sensible matters such as death during your speech.
  5. Your speech should be short. Most people especially students do not like long speeches especially at a time like this when everyone is excited and eagerly waiting to leave. A good graduation speech should take a maximum of twenty minutes. A speech that takes any longer might even lead to daydreaming and lack of concentration of the audience.
  6. The most important thing about giving a graduation speech is having fun with what you are doing. Just keep up with the gentle humor, address everyone with the respect they deserve, give the audience something to remember beware of the clichés and also do not forget to be brief.
  7. Your topics should be relevant. A good example is talking to graduates about global warming in a three-minute speech.  It does not make any sense to go out of topic with just a few minutes of your time so it is best to manage your time.
  8. A good speech is motivational and inspiring. The audience prefers words of inspiration minus the clichés so it is good to give advice that is your own and also in your own words
  9. If you have to talk about yourself you should then make it meaningful to the audience and make it feel to them like you are together or better yet that the speech is theirs. Not a speech that sounds like it can be given to graduates anywhere else.
  10. It is important to have facts, you should have the details of what you will be talking about at your fingertips.

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