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Special Occasion Speech Writing Instructions and Handy Tips

If you have earned a reputation as one of the best high-school or college students, you may be assigned to write some special occasion speech dedicated to an event or a person. The first thing you need to do after assuming this challenge is to pat yourself on the back because of the honor entrusted to you. However, your happiness is at risk of ending soon, as this may be your first time dealing with this type of paperwork. So, try to calm down and take control over your feelings and emotions. This assignment is not as complicated as it may seem.

Special Occasion Speech

If you have earned a reputation as one of the best high-school or college students, you may be assigned to write some special occasion speech dedicated to an event or a person. The first thing you need to do after assuming this challenge is to pat yourself on the back because of the honor entrusted to you. However, your happiness is at risk of ending soon, as this may be your first time dealing with this type of paperwork. So, try to calm down and take control over your feelings and emotions. This assignment is not as complicated as it may seem.

That’s why we have prepared a full guide to writing a perfect special occasion speech of any type and complexity. Learn the general concept of the speech, its types, topic samples, and check on the inspiring examples that may provide you with a great deal of motivation. Stay positive and get ready to present a brilliant special occasion speech!

What is a Special Occasion Speech?

Generally, special occasion speech definition is quite simple. It is a speech given on some special occasions or events. Before you start working on the content, it is crucial to find out about the type of the occasion. It may be some school or college event, wedding, birthday, graduation, retirement, anniversary, etc.

As a rule, special occasion speeches are much shorter than, for example, informative ones. When being delivered, this speech should last no more than 5-10 minutes and be strictly to the point. Depending on the event, the speech may be extremely emotional, evoking a strong reaction of the audience. The broad usage of pathos in such types of speeches is quite justified as the main goal of the author is to make listeners feel happy or reflective depending on the nature of the occasion.

Sometimes, special occasion speech conveys an informative message. Thus, wedding speeches may be delivered to tell some romantic stories about the bride and groom. As you can see, the nature of every special occasion speech is very specific and needs to be considered individually in the context of the forthcoming event.

For you to choose the right outline and mood of your future special occasion speech, check the checklist of questions you would need to get answers to before you start working on your assignment.

Points to consider before writing special occasion speech

  • What type of occasion do you need to dedicate your speech to?
  • What role do you assume on this occasion?
  • Who is your audience? Are there any professionals in some specific fields?
  • When is your deadline? How much time do you have to complete a task?
  • Should your speech convey a formal or informal message?
  • What is the main goal of your speech?
  • Is the occasion sensitive? What issues do you need to avoid while preparing your speech?
  • Should you speak on behalf of yourself or some organization?
  • Will the personal experience or some funny stories be appropriate to share with the audience?

This checklist will help you address your special occasion speech ideas properly and consider all the key details while elaborating on a speech.

Types of Special Occasion Speeches

The mood of the special occasion speech directly depends on the event it is dedicated to. There may be hundreds of various occasions, but we’ll consider only the most common ones to give you an idea of how to write a special occasion speech and succeed. Each type of speech features its specific rules and norms that should be obeyed in case you want to convey a proper message to your audience.

Ceremonial Speeches

This type of speech is usually delivered during the ceremonies and requires the etiquette norms and all the formalities to be observed. In their turn, the ceremonial speeches are divided into presentations, introductions, dedications, toasts, acceptances, farewells, eulogies, and roasts.


Speeches for presentations are usually delivered when you need to present the winner of some prize or express honor to somebody. This type of special occasion speech needs to be very brief, as usually, occasions like this have very strict time limits.


The introduction speech is delivered by the host of the event who wants to introduce another speaker or present the brief content of their speech. Despite being short enough, the introductory speech should also have its intro, body part, and conclusion. The main goals of the introductory speakers are to:

  • make their speech last not more than 3 minutes;
  • keep the audience intrigued about the speaker that is being introduced.

Ponder over the hook you would need to integrate into your speech to make your listeners feel excited about it.


The speeches of dedication are delivered to stress the importance of some event – the opening of a new monument, square, museum, library, etc. The dedication speech needs to reflect your relation to this specific event and the way you are involved in this particular dedication.


Many people hate to deliver toasts. It happens because of their natural shyness or inability to talk a good game. If you are asked to tell the toast, try to identify what message you want it to convey – congratulations, appreciation, or maybe a tribute to someone’s memory. Keep your speech brief and emotional not to make your audience fall asleep.


Someone who is lucky to get an award or a prize for their achievements is honored to deliver a speech of acceptance. As a rule, this type of speech should express gratitude to some people who have contributed to your success and helped you achieve your goals.


These are the so-called “good-bye” speeches dedicated to people who finish one part of their life and move to another one. They may change their job, move from their hometown, graduate from college, etc. The farewell speech usually expresses gratitude to a person for their presence in your life, sincere appreciation, and best wishes for the next stage of their life.


This type of speech is delivered in honor of a person who has passed away. Eulogies usually require sharing your memories about the person who died. You can tell some touching stories about the deceased in case you have been close enough.


Roast speeches are the most controversial ones. Their goal is both to praise and to slightly insult the person you are talking about. However, this insult should be good-natured and very amiable. As a rule, the roasts are delivered at the end of some celebrations dedicated to someone’s success or achievements.

Inspirational Speeches

If you have been asked to make an inspirational speech, your main task is to motivate and inspire your audience. Usually, speeches have a persuasive nature and require you to share some personal experience, facts, figures, and ideas with the listeners to make them accept your point of view and start acting. Despite its nature, this special occasion speech shouldn’t be too complicated, but emotional enough to inspire the audience and let people trust you.

If you are still unsure on whether you can cope with your task – you are in the right place to get help. HandMadeWriting is the perfect answer to the question “Who can write my speech?”

Special Occasion Speech Topics

Choosing the topic for your speech may turn out to be a real challenge. Check the most common special occasion speech topics to come up with brilliant ideas and make the whole writing process easier.


Briefly introduce your theme to give your audience an idea of what it is about. Be clear but don’t make your speech too extensive. Mention the reasons why all of you have gathered on such a special day. Share some facts and support them with your own experience or research. Don’t forget to introduce some opposite opinions to make your speech sound fresh and complete. The conclusion should be made based on the key points stated in the body paragraphs of your speech.


This speech is delivered when someone is leaving the place of living or a job. This speech is always full of gratitude and appreciation. Thank a person for the friendship and great emotions you have shared and wish all the best in the next stage of their life.


Specify what is so special about this occasion and how you relate to it. Highlight the importance of the tribute and let the audience ask you some questions.


Birthday parties, weddings, Christmas, New Year, Easter – make your speech sound entertaining and touching. Focus on the importance of the event and stress how crucial it is to share it with the closest people. If it is someone’s birthday, make the hero of the occasion feel special and loved. When delivering a speech at the wedding, mention some funny and embarrassing facts about the couple. This will help create a warm and friendly atmosphere.

Special Occasion Speech Outline

When we talk about special occasion speech outlines, there is no universal scheme that would suit any type of speech. However, like all other pieces of the paperwork, it should have an introduction, body section, and a conclusion.


Make sure it contains an attention-getter that is a brief hook, as well as a thesis that represents the main concept you would like to share with the audience. There is no need to stuff your speech with several significant aspects – select only one that seems crucial to you. It is better to make your focus as narrow as possible to deeply develop and convey your idea. The thesis should be delivered in very simple words, so don’t make it sound too formal or stuffy.

Body section

Here is the part of the speech where all your ideas should be expanded. Share a couple of the in-depth cases that support the aspect mentioned in the introduction. Include some personal experiences and confirmed research. Make your speech as emotional as possible but make sure you don’t sound artificial and speak from your heart.


Conclude your special occasion speech with the words that would leave your audience with the proper aftertaste. Try to make the final phrases of your speech memorable and logical.

Special Occasion Speech Examples

To inspire yourself with brilliant ideas as to your creative assignment, check every special occasion speech example provided below. This will help you define the type of speech you need to focus on, choose the topic, and make an outline:

An Extra Bit of Speech Writing Help

Now you know everything and even more about special occasion speech writing. But what to do in case you don’t have time or have lost your inspiration? Don’t sink into despair and stop bracing yourself for the worst. Refer to us so we could help you elaborate on a brilliant special occasion speech of any type and complexity. All you need is just provide the writing experts with all the information on the forthcoming event.

In case your deadline is tight, no worries – our experts have great experience working in stressful situations with no harm to the quality of the creative work.

Should you need only a couple of writing services such as editing and proofreading, you can order them without overpaying for the full package.

No need to beat yourself up. All you need is remember about your goal to create a brilliant speech to impress your audience and be proud of yourself. And all’s fair in love and war, as well as special occasion speech writing.

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