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Human Resources essay samples, topics and guides

If you study at a Management department, you will receive a Human Resources essay as a home assignment sooner or later. What is this type of task? How can you write it to impress your supervisor? Here we uncover all the fundamentals of HR writing to help you jumpstart the writing process and get a […]

human resourses essay

If you study at a Management department, you will receive a Human Resources essay as a home assignment sooner or later. What is this type of task? How can you write it to impress your supervisor? Here we uncover all the fundamentals of HR writing to help you jumpstart the writing process and get a […]

If you study at a Management department, you will receive a Human Resources essay as a home assignment sooner or later. What is this type of task? How can you write it to impress your supervisor? Here we uncover all the fundamentals of HR writing to help you jumpstart the writing process and get a high grade for the academic paper.

Let’s start with a definition. A Human Resources essay is a type of academic work that approaches some subject related to managing a company’s staff, either public or private, and resolving issues arising in the process.

Thus, when you are tasked with writing an essay about HR, you can choose among various topics, such as hiring and retaining staff, resolving interpersonal conflict, organizing teamwork, and deciding on the proper staff rewards to keep them motivated and engaged. You can also choose among different approaches to analysis; it may be either a purely theoretical piece that examines various theories and methods or an applied case study considering an example of a specific company.

When you proceed to Human Resources essay writing, it’s vital to understand the principles and peculiarities distinguishing this piece of homework from other assignments you might face at the HR department. Here are the basics of competent and professional composition on HR-related topics:

  • To sound competent and knowledgeable about the topic, you need to include practical examples and statistics to argue your point.
  • Choose a theme to your liking and focus on something of personal interest; it will be much easier to write a paper on the topic you like.
  • Study a couple of Human Resources school essay examples available online to see how others have approached this subject.

If you’re still unsure how to complete your home assignment, and the time of its submission is already coming, you can always hire a professional Human Resources essay writer from our team. We’ve here 24/7, always on standby to help you out with any academic task. Thus, you will always stay on top of the class in terms of grades and timeliness without overstretching yourself or draining your resources.

Human Resources Essay Format

Now let’s proceed to discuss the Human Resources essay format. It has some specifics to consider for the sake of meeting your professor’s expectations and getting a high grade for the assignment. First, we want to note that a Human Resources school essay has the same components as other essays possess, so you don’t need to invent the wheel when approaching this task.

All you need to do is compose an introduction of your paper, a body, and a conclusion.

H3: Introduction

In this part of your Human Resources plan essay, you need to indicate the overall topic of your study and the problem you’re going to examine. You should end this part with a detailed and concise thesis statement showing how you will approach the problem and from which angles you will explore it.


This is the central part of your Human Resources essay in which you present your arguments on a chapter-by-chapter basis. Keep in mind that every paragraph should deal with only one subject, which is typically reflected in the topic sentence. In this way, your essay will have a proper structure and will be readable.


This part of your essay should focus on summarizing the main points you’ve discussed in the paper’s body, restating the thesis statement, and drawing the readers’ attention to broader implications of the subject.

Write Human Resources essay in 5 Steps

Stumbling upon how to write a Human Resources management essay? Here is a simple algorithm that will help you cope with any assignment at hand, including HR writing:

  1. Study your course materials in detail to see what a professor wants from this assignment.
  2. Pick a topic from the list of available options based on your interest in the subject and the materials’ availability.
  3. Conduct in-depth research on Google and across several academic databases to identify credible, fresh literary evidence supporting your arguments and standpoint.
  4. Find a couple of real-life examples to illustrate your points and prove the applicability of your ideas in HR practice.
  5. Complete the writing piece according to all academic conventions (e.g., paragraph structure, essay format, grammar and style, originality, etc.).

Human Resources Essay Topics (250)

Choosing a topic is always the most challenging part of the essay composition process. You can’t move further until you’re clear with what to look for and in which direction to move. Thus, we’ve created a list of Human Resources essay topics to help you out and speed up your homework process:

  1. Does organizational success depend solely on the efficiency of HRM?
  2. Differences between HR management in public and private organizations.
  3. Personnel management and transition methods in HRM.
  4. Strategic HR planning: the essentials.
  5. HRM principles in healthcare organizations.
  6. Statistical methods of analysis in HRM.
  7. The Michigan model of HRM.
  8. The most significant barriers to effective HRM.
  9. Job evaluation techniques for HR managers.
  10. The HRIS technique in HRM.
  11. Four competencies necessary for career management.
  12. The variety of career planning techniques.
  13. The most important managerial competencies in the global HR marketplace.
  14. Staff competency development models of large corporations.
  15. Megatrends in the executive development via HRM.
  16. HRM and online training.
  17. Primary tenets of performance management practices.
  18. Approaches to employee recognition.
  19. What mentoring practices work in the period of COVID-19 distance work?
  20. Principles of Quality of Work Life (QWL) and HR managers’ role in staff’s work-life balance.
  21. How can HR managers recognize and promote charismatic leaders in the workplace?

How to Start a Human Resources Essay

Starting a Human Resources essay is not always simple, as you might have a clear plan and roadmap in mind. Otherwise, the process of working on this home task may transform into an unexpected challenge taking too much time and energy from you.

Here are some tips and recommendations from our pros on how to start an HR essay quicker:

  • Find a topic that you like and know much about. This will be an excellent start for your essay writing process, as you will have enough background information at hand and will know what to look for online.
  • Find a suitable Human Resources essay example in Google or your college library to see how other people have studied the subject of your interest. It may be a good idea to compare several essay samples and develop your own, authentic argumentation on that topic.
  • Develop a detailed outline to guide your writing. If you have that roadmap for the whole process of composition, you won’t need to waste time consulting the prompt and double-checking whether you’re on-topic.
  • Always opt for the argumentative Human Resources essay topics as they are debatable and offer a freedom of choice. You can study the available sources discussing that topic and choose your standpoint. Argumentative subjects also offer rich evidence on both sides of the debate.

As you can see, starting an HR task is not that hard. But anyway, if you don’t feel like spending another evening over books, maybe it’s time to contact our managers and get professional assistance with the assignment? You can take a rest and relax, dedicating some vital time to yourself and your needs, knowing that your HR home task is in good hands.

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The paper ‘The Recruitment, Selection and Induction Process ” is a great example of a human resources research proposal. This is a working document to focus on the purpose and structure of student essays, which reflects the intent and outlook of their research. It is quite likely and permissible that as students progress with their essays, several aspects of content, direction or emphasis of their essay will change.  It is vitally important that students keep their academic supervisor informed of any such changes – as such changes may require students to reconsider any or all of the content of this proposal form.

Section 1: Briefly describe your research topic for Essay 1

The research topic is to identify the recruitment, selection and induction process which organizations need to adopt so that they are able to determine the mechanism through which correct hiring of people takes place. The research concentrates on indentifying the basic things which need to be included in all the process and also stresses on the need of having different process based on the different needs of the organization. The research brings forward the different methods of recruitment, selection and induction process which forms part of every organization. This has helped to identify the different core factors which are part of the recruitment, selection and induction process and the manner in which business effectiveness and changes are witnessed in the hiring process. The research will help organizations to improve their recruitment, selection and induction process as it will garner a path through which different aspect will be included and will help to improve the overall mechanism of hiring people.

Section 2:  Briefly outline any frameworks, theories or models you anticipate using:

The research has looked to identify the different patterns which are globally accepted and the research is based on secondary sources. The findings from different research are bring used to find out the manner in which the recruitment, selection and induction process can be improved and changes can be made and moulded based on the different needs and requirements of the organization. The framework which has been followed is one where linkage has been developed between recruitment, selection and induction process so that one process leads to the other and provides a basis through which the different dimensions which impact the hiring process can be understood. The overall impetus of the research is thereby towards finding out the different areas and dimensions which will help to facilitate and improve the process of achieving better results and multiplying the overall effectiveness of hiring people.

Section 3:  Briefly provide the main authors and themes relevant to your topic. 

Some of the different sources which have been used and are relevant to the area of research are

Arnold, J. (2005). Work Psychology: Understanding human behaviour in the workplace 4th ed. Harlow: FT Prentice Hall.

Cable, D. & Judge, T. (2006). Person-organization fit, job choice decisions, and organizational entry. Organizational Behavior and Human Decision Processes, 67(3), 294–311

Dipboye, R. (2002). Selection interviews: Process perspectives. Human Resource Selection (3rd ed.). Orlando, FL: Dryden Press

Hogan, R. (2001). Personality and personality measurement. In M.D. Dunnette & L.M. Hough (Eds.), Handbook of Industrial and Organizational Psychology, Vol. 2 (2nd ed.) 873–919

Ryan, A. & Schmit, M. (2003). Assessing organizational fit in employee selection. Paper presented at the 8th Annual Conference of the Society for Industrial & Organizational Psychology, San Francisco, CA

Thompson, P. and McHugh, D. (2009). Work Organizations: A critical approach, 4th ed. Basingstoke: Palgrave Macmillan

The different themes which the different authors and work provided are related to the manner in which overall changes and dimensions are being witnessed in the hiring process. This will help to understand the core areas which the different research has identified and will help to come to a conclusive conclusion regarding the manner in which different factors and aspect has an impact on the hiring process and different things which need to be included so that the mechanism which has been adopted improves and provides a better understanding of the different business environment.

Section 4:   Identify opportunities for further study in Essay 2 and/or gaps in research understanding that will refine your research questions.

The research has been carried outlooks to provides a general perspective of the different factors and areas which needs to be included while designing the recruitment, selection and induction process. The research provides a general idea of the different things which have to be included. This provides an opportunity where future research can be carried out by looking towards an organization or an industry where a specific process of recruitment, selection and induction process is being used. This is an area that can be further researched as it will provide useful information pertaining to a particular industry or organization and will show the different dimensions and aspects which needs to be included in the recruitment, selection and induction process. This will help to understand the application of the different methods in a real organization and will provide useful impetus regarding the manner in which the organization is able to gain due to it. This will thereby help to improve the understanding and having applicability in the real organization will magnify the overall value of the research.


The paper  “Performance and Reward Management” is a comprehensive example of human resources case study. Performance management in human resources refers to a holistic process whereby many elements are brought together to successfully manage people, enabling them to meet their goals and targets. It can focus on the performance of a Company, a section, or even an employee (Armstrong 2000).

TPL has a very traditional command and control approach to management across its manufacturing function, employees are not given an opportunity to demonstrate their ability and explore their talent and potential fully. The Management has an old type of leadership known as autocratic. According to Cameron and Green (2012), he described authoritarian is a style of leadership used by leaders who want to make decisions alone, having total authority. Negotiation and consultation are highly discouraged by these leaders. Whatever they say is final. This leadership style is good for employees that need close supervision to perform certain tasks. This simply indicates the organization applying theory X whereby the management feels and assumes that there are lazy and must be supervised closely. This theory has been proven to be counter-effective in modern practice. The management of TPL needs to change its style of leadership and management and come up with a more democratic approach. This will help the Company in giving the employees confidence and therefore increase productivity (Cameron & Green 2012).

Poor performance appraisal and review process can also be witnessed in TPL, where it is done so casually biannually as a chat between a supervisor and a subordinate. TPL should improve on the way it conducts the performance appraisal and review process, all the parties should be involved by aligning performance with the strategic goals of the organization (Armstrong 2000). For example, TPL supervisors should provide more specific feedback that will help them describe the gap that exists between actual performance and what is expected of the employees.

Reward Management

Reward management in human resources also referred to as a reward system means any financial reward that an organization gives to employees in return for their labor. The reward must not only be a material reward but also non-material rewards. The financial reward consists of basic pay and any other benefit to employees.  Non- financial rewards include promotions, recognition, and personal growth (Price 2011).

TPL has a very poor reward system; the pay system is very simple that technical, senior management, and employees earn flat salaries on a single payment. There is also a yearly salary increment regardless of their performance. This pay system is very unprofessional as it forgets the core reason for working. People work to be paid and if your system does not reward employees according to the effort they make.

TPL should adopt a reward system that is linked to performance; the payment should vary depending on the quality and quantity of work done by an employee. Attention should be given to employees’ achievement or success-oriented individual bonuses (Price 2011). For example, in a sales department, the salespeople should be paid on the basis of turnover. The salesperson who moves a large stock should be rewarded more than the one who moves little stock. TPL should also seize from using a profit-related bonuses element paid shortly before Christmas. This method can easily demotivate the members of staff if no payment is to be made at the end of the year as in the case when the organization does not make any profit.

Employee turnover in TPL is really high; this is due to a poor reward system and low morale. The organization is wasting a lot of money on recruiting new employees as well as training them to be conversant with the work to be done. David McClelland’s theory of motivation involving three basic needs: achievement, power, and affiliation. When employees achieve their target they are motivated, organizations should give power to employees to make independent decisions. TPL should employ theory Z that focuses on increasing employee loyalty to the Organization when treated well (Cameron & Green 2012).

Human Resource Development

Human resource development in the area of human resources can be termed as a curriculum used to help employees develop their careers by improving personal and organizational skills, abilities, and knowledge. It includes training employees, employee career development, and mentoring when planning for succession (Joy-Matthews, Megginson & Surtees 2004).

TPL staff training in terms of how to carry out the functions of their role is generally very thorough but surprisingly many employees are injured in accidents. What could be the reason for accidents occurring despite employees’ training? The main reason is that on-the-job training is not done appropriately; the reason being that it is provided by consultants off-site which is very expensive.

TPL should make training compulsory to the entire employee workforce in all the departments and it should be done on a quarterly basis. Re-training is very important as it refreshes the employee’s minds and improves their skills in their field (Joy-Matthews, Megginson & Surtees 2004).

Equality and Diversity

Equality in human resources refers to a situation whereby employees have an equal right to employment, payment, and equal access to training and development. The organization should put in place measures that will allow equality. Diversity is a situation whereby an organization encourages a diverse workgroup helping the Company to be more effective (Cornelius 2002).

TPL claims to be an equal opportunities employer but it is ironic that people from ethnic minorities are very few in the organization. This tarnishes the organization’s name as it is an indicator of discrimination leading to inequality. Gender imbalance can also be observed in TPL, fewer women are employed in the organization and therefore a form of discrimination. TPL should come up with a policy that will encourage people of all gender, tribe, and color to be employed.

TPL does not employ people with disabilities or those who are physically challenged. This is a very serious form of discrimination. The organization should come up with policies that will allow a certain percentage of employees to be disabled. It is so unfortunate that the organization does not cater to the dietary need of its employees, there is only one locker room and the TPL canteen does not appear to cater to any variety of dietary needs.

#3 Top Paints Limited- Human Resource Development and Reward Management

The paper  “Top Paints Limited- Human Resource Development and Reward Management” is a persuasive example of human resources case study. Top Paints Limited is continuously facing problems related to human resources and the matter has complicated to such an extent that the business has witnessed loss, increase in the number of casualties, increase in staff turnover, and problems that need to be addressed at the earliest. This report identifies the problems faced by Top Paints Limited and looks towards providing alternatives to deal with those.


Top Paints Limited is facing serious issues which have complicated the manner in which business was conducted and needs to be addressed so that a solution to those can be found out as it will help the organization to perform effectively. The issues are

  • Top Paints Limited looks to compensate their employees through a model which is outdated. The employees have compensated a fixed salary and the perks are defined beforehand which the employees receive at the end of the year irrespective of the performance which has reduced the efforts made by the employees
  • The hierarchical model of the passing of responsibility from the top management to the bottom has restricted the employees from taking initiative in completing the task as they have to follow the ways that have been prescribed to them is another problem that is making it difficult for Top Paints Limited to sustain
  • An increase in the accidents rates which are consistent and similar accidents occur shows that lack of training and awareness has made it difficult to deal with the complex issue
  • The organization has a dominance of male employees and fewer females and people from the backward class highlighting the fact that despite preaching that there has to be equality and diversity in the workforce the organization has resorted to differentiation making it difficult to conduct business smoothly

Performance Management

Top Paints Limited need to look towards moving away from the traditional system where employees have compensated a fixed salary to a flexible one where the performance of the employees acts as a major force in deciding the salary. Productivity should be measured and based on it employees should be compensated.

The performance-based approach should look towards identifying the performance measures, quality measures, and objectives and look towards control monitoring so that the actual performance is gauged which will facilitate in determining a performance-based pay for its employees.

This will also help Top Paints Limited to ensure that measuring the performance based on the manner the employees have achieved their task will help to understand the manner in which the business will be able to identify the future talent and will guide the management to deal with the future requirements better and have a pool to talent which are able to carry out their responsibilities in the most efficient manner

Reward Management

This is an aspect that Top Paints Limited needs to consider and needs to design the compensation package in such a manner that performance acts as a major point in securing a sound compensation. This would mean moving away from the traditional system where employees have compensated a fixed salary to a flexible one where the performance of the employees acts as a major force in deciding the salary. This would mean using the performance pay approach in compensating the employees. Using Maslow’s Hierarchy of Needs theory will help to design a compensation package where the organization understand the needs and requirements of the employees and based on its look towards package

While designing the reward package special care should be given to ensure that the compensation package has both fixed and flexible pay. Further, through Maslow’s Hierarchy of Needs theory Top Paints Limited needs to look towards ensuring that intrinsic reward is provided to the employees through recognition, promotion, and other ways so that the employees are able to associate themselves with the organization. Using the Herzberg theory of motivation and hygiene will also act as a mechanism through which accidents reduce and the organization is able to gain efficiency in gaining the maximum from the employees and will help to reduce the high turnover that the business is facing and will make the employees work for longer period

Human Resource Development

Top Paints Limited needs to identify the training tools and methods which will help to reduce the number of casualties that the business is witnessing. Top Paints Limited needs to identify the training requirements both on and off the job so that the employees understand the manner in which they should deal with different situations. They should look towards a processual approach that relies less on top-down strategy as it will help to reduce accidents and ensure better working conditions

Top Paints Limited through their process of training will also be able to motivate the workforce and ensure that all employees are able to come together and work towards a common purpose. They should look towards rating scales and surveillance to ensure that the workforce is able to learn during the training and don’t repeat the mistakes again. This will help the business to ensure that the inter-personal relationship between the employees improves and they are able to work as a team.

Equality & Diversity

Top Paints Limited needs to look towards having a mix of people from different cultures and backgrounds so that they are able to demonstrate diversity in the workforce. While recruiting and selecting employees they should look towards using informal contacts, formal contacts, notice boards, advertising, and external sources so that people from all backgrounds are picked in the organization. This will make the employees feel that the organization is looking towards all and will help Top Paints Limited to find new recruits easily.

Having equality and diversity in the workforce will ensure that the employees are able to associate with the company and will help to reduce the turnover rate. Special care should be taken through monitoring which will help to reduce discrimination through stereotyping, marginalization, and invisibilization. This will thereby help Top Paints Limited to prepare properly in the manner they will deal in the future and ensure that a strategy is developed through which the business can be developed.


Top Paints Limited needs to look towards bringing a change in which the compensation is provided by ensuring that performance is a key in determining the manner in which the employees will be compensated. Further, steps should be taken to ensure that turnover rates and accidents are reduced by taking steps where the business is able to ensure better results. Further, Top Paints Limited needs to look towards ensuring a restructuring in the manner the business is done by ensuring equality and diversity so that the business is able to ensure a strategy where they are able to work in all direction and ensure growth for the business


Top Paints Limited needs to work on different aspects of the business so that they are able to improve the manner in which business is conducted. This will help Top Paints Limited to ensure major changes in the manner work is done and will help to reduce the number of casualties and ensure better turnover rates which will help Top Paints Limited to ensure that the business is able to earn profits over a longer period of time.


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